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'What was I on?' - mystery drug sends man berserk

Defendant 'acting in bizarre and aggressive manner'

John Garvey

John Garvey


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A MYSTERY drug made a man so violent and crazed that police had to subdue him using the incapacitant spray, Captor.

The drama happened in Newbury town centre as Ian David Cornwall dodged traffic, hurling random abuse while “spoiling for a fight” with anyone who came near, town magistrates heard.

When police moved in to try to calm the 34-year-old he attacked one officer and spat in another’s face, the court was told.

His solicitor Stephen Collins, who saw him in a police cell afterwards, said: “He was behaving extremely strangely and acting in a bizarre manner at the police station – I’ve never seen him like that before. He now tells me he doesn’t know what drug it was that he had taken but he never wants to take it again.”

Helen Waite, prosecuting, said officers on patrol became aware of Mr Cornwall standing near the offices of West Berkshire Council in Market Street.

She said he was staggering in the road amid traffic, clutching a beer bottle and hurling abuse at passers-by.

Ms Waite added: “He was aggressive and struggling to stand upright. He was in the middle of the road, causing cars to swerve.

“He was spoiling for a fight and told one officer: ‘If you come near me I’ll hit you with this bottle.’”

The court heard Mr Cornwall then struck one officer to the side of the face and spat “a huge quantity of spittle” full in the face of another.

Ms Waite said: “He was so aggresive officvers had to use their Captor spray. Later in interview he exercised his right to silence.”

Mr Cornwall, of no fixed address, admitted assaulting both PCSO Nathan Long and PC John O’Donovan in the execution of their duty, and committing a further offence while subject to a conditional discharge, all on February 14.

Mr Collins said: “He is thoroughly ashamed of what he did. His conduct was appalling. Sadly, though, drugs are still playing a part in his life.”

Magistrates made Mr Cornwall seubject to a Drug Rehabilitation Requirement with 20 day rehabiliation activity requirement.

In addition he was ordered tio pay a £60 victim surcharge and to pay £50 each in compensation to the officers he assaulted.

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