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EU referendum as it happened

How the referendum played out on a historic night

Dan Cooper

Dan Cooper


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How will you  vote in the EU Referendum on June 23?

GOOD morning all, and welcome to NewburyToday's live EU referendum blog.

West Berkshire has voted marginally to remain in the EU, but Britain voted out.

NewburyToday was at the count and has also been providing updates locally and nationally throughout the night and this morning as the results came in.

To see how the drama unfolded see our coverage below.

Also, don't forget to checking our Twitter page (@NewburyToday) and Facebook for updates.

10.10am - A final recap of the local results in a historic referendum which has seen Britain vote to leave the European Union - West Berkshire, West Oxfordshire, South Oxfordshire, Windsor and Maidenhead, Reading and Wokingham all voted Remain. While Swindon, Bracknell Forest, Slough and Basingstoke and Deane voted Leave.

The nation's decision saw Prime Minister David Cameron announce his resignation with a new leader expected to be in place by October.

We will continue to bring you all the local reaction so make sure you continue to check

09.31am - Vodafone, which has it's international headquarters in West Berkshire and backed Remain, issued the following statement: 

"The political and economic consequences of the UK's withdrawal from the EU are for others to consider now that the UK electorate has reached its decision.

"In terms of the implications for Vodafone, each of our country businesses operates as a standalone entity able to adapt to a wide range of local conditions.

"As we said before the referendum, we remain committed to supporting our UK customers regardless as to the outcome, now and in the future."

No word on the immediate impact on jobs, however. 

09.00am - It's fair to say there has been a mixed reaction in West Berkshire to the news of Britain's decision to leave the EU this morning. These posts were taken from the Newbury Weekly News Facebook page. Click here to join the discussion.

08.43am - A quick recap of the local results - West Berkshire, West Oxfordshire, South Oxfordshire, Windsor and Maidenhead, Reading and Wokingham all voted Remain. Swindon, Bracknell Forest, Slough and Basingstoke and Deane voted Leave.

08.28am - David Cameron says he will resign by the time the Conservative Party conference takes place in October.

"I will do everything I can as Prime Minister to steady the ship over the coming weeks and months but I do not think it would be right for me to try to be the captain that steers our country to its next destination," he said.

08.14am - There are reports circulating that David Cameron could be set to resign.

08.00am - Prime minister David Cameron set to speak soon

07.33am Eurosceptic Conservative MP John Redwood said David Cameron should stay on as Prime Minister but urged him to build "a new government to bind the country together".

Mr Redwood's own constituency, Wokingham, voted to remain by a majority of 56.7 per cent.

07.12am - Following Britain's decision to leave the EU Newbury MP Richard Benyon raised fears over the nations economy.

He said: "I'm very pleased that West Berkshire voted remain, but Britain as a whole will now have to come to terms with the fact that it has voted to leave.

"I very much hope we can avoid a recession but the impact this will have is huge. We just have to try and get the best out of this situation."

For more reaction to the referendum click here.

07.09am - The Leave campaign ultimately won by a margin of 1, 269, 501 votes. 17, 410, 742 voted in favour of Britain leaving the EU (a majority of 51.89 per cent) with 16, 141, 241 voting to remain.


06.31am - As Britain wakes, the enormity of what has happened is starting to sink in. Social media awash with comments from both the Leave and Remain camps. What is your view? Email and


06.23am - Prime minister David Cameron is expected to address the nation at 7am following the vote to leave the EU.

06.02am - That's it. It has been confirmed that the Leave campaign has definitely won. 

05.59am - There are still five areas left to declare in the South East region with Leave leading by 52.3 per cent.

05.47am - Northern Ireland's Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has called for a border poll on a united Ireland after Britain voted to leave the European Union.

Support for the EU is considerably higher in Northern Ireland than the rest of the UK.

05.43am - A quick summary: West Berkshire, South Oxfordshire, West Oxfordshire, Reading, Wokingham and East Hampshire all voted to remain in the EU.

05.39am - Just 26 voting areas left to declare now with Leave holding a 52 per cent lead.

05.35am - Local reaction to the result with some residents concerned about the prospect of a post-EU Britain...

05.24am - Following the West Berkshire result vote Leave constituency co-ordinator David Bailey said it will now be difficult to bring the Leave and Remain groups back together. Read the reaction from the West Berkshire count here.

05.18am - Remain results still coming in as Windsor and Maidenhead says it wants to stay in the EU.

05.15am - You'd like to think this was something voters were googling before the referendum...


05.11am - Newbury Labour's Jonny Roberts has said he is "saddened" with the way the results have gone. Read the reaction form the West Berkshire count here.

05.08am -

05.02am - West Berkshire voted IN, but it looks as though Britain will leave the EU. What are your thoughts? 

04.54am - Wiltshire has voted to leave the European Union.

04.44am - 

04.40am - Despite West Berkshire and neighbouring Wokingham vote to remain though it may not be enough to keep Britain in the EU with some analysts already calling victory for the Leave campaign.

04.38am - Wokingham has voted to remain in the EU with 55, 272 voting to stay and 42, 229 voting to leave.

04.20am - Remain won in West Berkshire by a slim margin of just 51.7 per cent with 48, 300 voters wanting to stay in the Eu while 44, 977 voting to leave.

04.19am - West Berkshire votes remain.

04.13am - A declaration at West Berkshire isn't too far away now and people are feeling the tension.

04.10am - The value of the pound against the dollar is at a 31-year low, the lowest since September 1985.

04.01am - "Let 23rd June go down in history as our Independence Day," says Nigel Farage.

03.59am - We're still waiting for the West Berkshire result to be declared with delays put down to the high voter turn out. We'll let you know as soon as the result is announced.

03.47am - Reading votes to remain. 43, 385 vote remain while 31, 382 vote to leave. 

03.44am - Worrying figures for the Remain campaign here as ITV analysts predict 80 per cent chance of a Brexit win. 

03.40am - ... There were further delays

03.27am - Barring any further delays we should be getting the West Berkshire result any minute now.

03.09am - Nationally, we are now a third of the way through and Leave leads by 68,000 votes.

03.05am - The chairman of UKIP Newbury, Roy Tubb, who is campaigning to leave, said: "At the moment it's very very close. It could go either way.

"I'm not convinced it will be a majority whatever the result. Maybe one or two percentage points here and there."

02.58am - 109 areas have declared now - and Leave is in front.

02.50am - A delay at the count means we may not know if West Berkshire wish to Leave or Remain until 3.30am "at least". 

02.40am - It's too close to call this referendum, Remain is 50.3 per cent, Leave 49.7 per cent.

02.33am - Bracknell Forest votes to leave the EU.

02.30am - West Berkshire Liberal Democrat Judith Bunting pleased Oxford declared a strong vote for remain.

02.26am - To give you an idea of how close the results are - 52 areas have now been declared and there are only 11,000 votes in it. Leave is ever so slightly ahead.

02.25am - Just over half an hour to go until we can expect the West Berkshire results. The district saw 80 per cent of its registered voters take to the polls to have their say in the EU referendum and West Berkshire Council spokesperson Martin Dunscombe said he was impressed with the turnout. He added: "With the results so far it seems to be higher than other parts of the country.

"We're pleased that people in West Berkshire have come out and had their say."

02.12am - Bookies have slashed odds for a Brexit victory with Leave now favourite at 4/7, while odds for Remain are 11/8. 

02.10am - Early momentum is with the Leave campaign who now have a 10 per cent lead over Remain after 33 areas declare. 

01.58am - The count is well underway now at Newbury College. Results hopefully expected in around an hours time.

01.57am - The West Berkshire count is going smoothly over at Newbury College according to West Berkshire Council chief executive Nick Carter with a declaration expected at around 3am. 

He said: "It's going pretty well, no major issues."

Comparing the count to that of last years General Election he said "It's easier with just one election there's no doubt about that."

01.48am - Still very early days, but as things stand Britain is set to leave the European Union . Nineteen results down, 363 to go - and Leave has a four per cent lead.

01.42am - If you fancy a flutter you can currently get odds on the UK to remain in the EU at 1/2 while a Brexit victory is 6/4. Remain currently odds-on favourite but will that change? 

01.29am - Big turn out in West Berkshire for the EU referendum with 80 per cent of registered voters taking to the polls. That's 93, 345 voters.

01.19am - Vote Leave constituency coordinator for Newbury David Bailey is feeling confident predicting a result of 53/47 to leave.

He said: "Newbury you would expect to be a natural remain area, but I don't know.

"I think I would be surprised now if it's a vote for remain."

01.15am - The result in Swindon even caught the eye of Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan.


01.08am - Newbury Labour's Jonny Roberts says things are too close to call both nationally and in West Berkshire.

He also told reporter Wil Walker he things some of the campaigning has been "disgusting".

He added: "The country is very divided and this whole issue has been very divisive.

"It's going to take a lot of work to unite the country again."

01.05am - A quick reminder of how the voting works tonight. Votes in England, Scotland and Wales will be counted in their Local Authority areas, while votes in Northern Ireland will be counted in their parliamentary constituencies. Each region will then declare the total number of votes, before the final national result is declared hopefully by 'breakfast time' tomorrow.

12.57am - The first local result is in - and Swindon has voted to Leave. 

12.54am - Results are also in from the Isles of Scilly - Remain 56.4 per cent, Leave 43.6 per cent.

12.52am - The results are in from Foyle in Northern Ireland area: Remain 78.3 per cent, Leave 21.7 per cent.

12.45am - Update on TeaGate - West Berkshire Council's communications manager Martin Dunscombe has saved the day - for now.

12.36am - West Berkshire Liberal Democrat Judith Bunting says she would "put money" on a slight Remain vote in West Berkshire.

She tells reporter Wil Walker: "I'm optimistic but not quite confident of a remain vote.I would put money on a slight remain here.
"For the country I would put money on a remain...but not much".

12.33am - The pound has reportedly plunged after that Leave vote in Sunderland.

12.18am And the city of Sunderland is the first to vote Leave tonight with 51,930 voting remain and 82,394 voting out. Quite a significant margin for Brexit of more than 30,000.

12.11am - It could be a long, long night for all involved at the West Berkshire EU count - they have run out of hot water already so no teas and coffees. Oh dear...

12.03am - Newcastle votes to remain... just! 65,404 geordies voted to remain while 63, 598 voted to leave with a 67.7 per cent turn out.

11.58pm - The turnout in Gibraltar was particularly high - at 83.5 per cent.

11.50pm - And the first results are in already - Remain has taken 96 per cent of the vote in the EU referendum in Gibraltar, the first area to declare.

More than 19,300 people voted for Remain compared to just over 800 for Leave.

11.43pm - Here they are!

11.08pm - More than 130 ballot boxes have arrived at Newbury College for the West Berkshire count.

11.04pm - The first results to come in, around midnight, include Gibraltar, the Scilly Isles and the City of London, and may not be particularly representative.

At around 1am, results for Darlington and Oldham in northern England, and Basildon and Swindon in the south, are expected.

11pm - Should we stay or should we go? That is the question - and in roughly an hour the first results are expected to come in.

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