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'I cried when I heard the news' - West Berkshire residents react to Brexit

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People in Newbury have been giving their reactions to the UK's decision to leave the EU.

NewburyToday was in Northbrook Street this afternoon (Friday) gathering local reaction to today's historic and monumental decision.

It was close in West Berkshire as 52 per cent of voters said they wanted Britain to remain in the EU.

Robin Middleton, from Newbury, said: "I am depressed. The economy I think is the biggest thing. It’s going to have a knock on effect on a lot of things: inflation, jobs, house building, you name it.

"That’s the thing no one knows what to expect. And now we have the Conservative PM fight, maybe Boris will get his way."

When asked why he thought Leave had prevailed, Mr Middleton said: "Leave was focused heavily on immigration, but it is unfortunately such a top subject, not just across the UK, but across the whole of Europe.

"I think it’s interesting across the UK when you look at who voted for Leave and who voted for stay. Scotland was very clear and now they may leave as well."

Micky Gee from Newcastle said he voted to Leave over the issue of UK sovereignty. 

He said: "I voted Leave - a common market is a good idea, but not a European republic. I don’t think we are trading freely with Europe."

As to why the UK opted for Brexit Mr Gee said: "I was surprised with how many people voted, much higher than in the election. I think people were really fired up about it and wanted to put their point across. I didn’t like the negativity around immigration, but I think it is great for democracy and our sovereignty."

Bulgarian art teacher Sveta Krusteva, who lives in Newbury, said she cried when she heard the news. 

"I'm absolutely gutted. Tell me if I’m wrong but the Second World War started like this, us against them, 'we are better off without them' etc.

"If they wanted to change something they should have changed it from the inside. It’s nice to be part of a team, but now we have left.

"I think many on the leave side were very cleverly brainwashed, given funny figures about the NHS. We are jumping out of a plane without a parachute and now what is the plan. I cried this morning. I like the diversity in this country, and now nobody wants me."

One Newbury resident, who asked not be named, was pleased with the out result.  

She said: "Everyone has their own reasons, but I think the remain side was to do with money, business. We’ll see how it goes, it’s a risk but maybe it’s a risk worth taking."

Remain voter Jo Meechan, aged 21, from Thatcham said: "I think there was a lot of xenophobia and racism for voting out, although I wouldn’t go around calling people racists. Had the refugee crisis not have happened, that might have swung it the other way, potentially."

She said that people aged 16-17 should have been given a one off vote for the referendum 

"I think we should have stayed, we’re stronger included. We’re not an empire anymore."

Helen Weeks, who lives near Andover said: "I’m disappointed, I wanted to stay in. We’ve been in for 40 years and it’s a thing of comfort, we were no longer a little island, we were part of the EU, and we should have stayed."

There was apathy from Kris Bourton, aged 23 from Thatcham, who said: "Don’t really care....I’ve had my vote now, that’s it."

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Article comments

  • boris

    25/06/2016 - 08:08

    So let's look at it for young people we keep letting people in to the country with no jobs and they take your jobs and your homes immigrants are quite happy to live in houses two to three families so they can afford the 1000 -1500 a month rent this takes a house away from people who were born here this then results in a shortpage of houses so the house prices go up and the younger generation then cannot afford them .so they are stuck living with their parents or paying massive rents this is not racism it's called putting born and bred Britons first , you try to get into a commonwealth country to live and work unless you have a skill and job they require you have no chance


  • grumpy

    24/06/2016 - 16:04

    I cried with joy !! Yippee. We are out !!