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Waste Wars! Hampshire residents banned from West Berkshire's tips

Councillors agree to restrict access with new permit system

Chris Ord


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Waste war rumbles on as West Berkshire permit scheme revealed

WEST Berkshire Council has agreed to push ahead with plans to ban residents in Hampshire, some of whom live just yards over the district boundary, from using its rubbish tips.

The move to issue permits to West Berkshire residents in order to gain access to the Newtown Road Waste Recycling Centre and the Padworth Recycling Centre was agreed at a council executive meeting last night (Wednesday).

Speaking at the meeting, executive member for Communities and Protection Marcus Franks (Con, Speen) said the decision came about due to Hampshire County Council’s decision to pull £200,000 worth of funding to cover the cost of disposing of its resident’s waste at the West Berkshire sites back in December last year.

The plans have angered residents in north Hampshire who now, rather than a short journey across the boundary, face up to a 30-mile round trip to Basingstoke or Andover to dispose of their household waste.

Councillors also reaffirmed March's proposal to withdraw £460,000 of funding into the re3 waste partnership which has since led to the banning of West Berkshire residents from using the Smallmead tip in Reading.

Residents on the eastern edge of the district are also now facing a 30-mile round trip to Newbury to dispose of their household waste as a result.

However an extension to Padworth Recycling Centre to a full waste disposal site was also approved.

A new booking system will also be introduced across the district’s waste disposal sites for those looking to dispose of waste using commercial vehicles.

There are currently no time frames to implement the proposals. 

Residents across the area were quick to criticise the proposals as a whole amid fears of an increase in illegal fly-tipping, which West Berkshire Council have since played down.

However following the meeting leader of the opposition at West Berkshire Council Alan Macro (Lib Dem, Theale) was puzzled by the council’s dismissal of resident’s concerns.

“That’s difficult to understand,” he said.

“People have got rubbish to dispose of if they are faced with a 30 mile round-trip not everybody is going to do it – it’s an obvious temptation.”

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Article comments

  • NWNcommemts

    01/07/2016 - 19:07

    OK, so I am going to start fly tipping! What an iditoc decision. As is the fact that eg pubs and clubs don't recycle because they'd have to pay more to do so. Aren't we supposed tp be encouraging recycling to save the planet..? Doesn't seem so.


  • NWN_reader

    01/07/2016 - 16:04

    This is a ridiculous situation. West Berkshire, Reading and Hampshire councils are all planning to do this. Negative are: 1) Costs the council tens of thousands of pounds to issue permits and enforce them. 2) Residents have to travel further burning more fossil fuels in doing so. 3) Fly tipping will increase as people decide not to make long journeys to dump their rubbish. Positives are: 1) None. Currently it all balances out as residents go to their nearest tip. Hampshire residents to Berkshire and visa versa. Note to all local Councils: Wake up and realise that this is a really stupid idea.


  • NHantsResident

    01/07/2016 - 13:01

    Unbelievable !!! Don't get me wrong, I understand the fundamental reasoning behind 'region based' funding - be it district/county/country/whatever – But, come on, as a member of the public I/we pay taxes (effectively a fee) for governmental agencies to sensibly manage services. This is not a political debate, whereby a group has voted for a certain brand of politics and therefore what direction or policies a legislative body should follow. This is not about the merits or otherwise of trident replacement/brexit/HS2. This is about waste recycling!!!, this is a quite amazingly short sited/mis-managed approach to something that should 'just work'. I desperately hope that the bodies responsible for this can reach an agreement whereby, we don’t suddenly see a massive outbreak of fly tipping (which WILL happen, let’s seriously try not to pretend otherwise)


    • PhilofNewbury

      02/07/2016 - 20:08

      Absolutely right NHantsResident. As a Newbury resident, I don't mind sharing my facilities with you and your neighbours, I don't think my council tax is wasted by doing that. We all have to put our waste somewhere - not in woods and lay-bys, let's hope.