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'Stronger In' rally marches through Newbury

West Berkshire Remain voters devastated by outcome of EU referendum

Dan Cooper

Dan Cooper


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'Stronger In' rally marches through Newbury

MORE than 100 disgruntled Remain voters marched through Newbury on Saturday afternoon as part of an anti-Brexit rally.

The show of solidarity for the failed Stronger In campaign came more than two weeks after the country voted to leave the European Union in an historic referendum.

West Berkshire, however, voted for Britain to remain a member of the EU with 52 per cent of the local electorate in support.

The rally brought together people of all political parties and those of none, who are concerned about the future of the country following Brexit.

Co-ordinator of the march and founder of West Berks Action for Refugees Lindsey Middlemiss said: "This rally was about the way forward in future as much as the result of the EU Referendum.

"West Berkshire voted to Remain in the EU, and only 37% of the UK voting population voted to Leave the EU. We voted without a manifesto for Leave and since the Referendum it has been clear that the Leave Campaign has no plan for what Brexit will look like.

"We need a plan, we should have a say on what that plans looks like and I, like so many people locally, are concerned about workers rights, human rights, environmental protections and the local economy if and when Brexit happens.

"We also wanted to stand up to racism and hate crime and make it clear that EU and non-EU emigres in West Berkshire are welcome here and we appreciate their contribution to our local society and economy."

Answering the backlash on social media against the march she said: "Firstly, the very principle of democracy is that you can keep fighting for what you believe in, no matter what direction the government is taking.

"After a general election, we do not expect opposition parties to shut up for 5 years – and if they did so, we would not have a working democracy.

"Secondly, this rally was about the way forwards now as much as the result. No one voted on a Brexit plan.

"We need a plan, we need workers rights, human rights and environmental protections to not be eroded. We need our local and national economy to prosper.

"And we need to stand up to racism and hate crime and say that facist and xenophobic attitudes have no place in 21st century Britain."

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Article comments

  • PeterE

    14/07/2016 - 12:12

    In reply to Derek Truman, I would ask this: please prove that Remain voters knew what they were voting for. I don't think you can. In retrospect it seems to me that David Cameron should have stayed neutral and drawn up two sets of plans, one for Leave, one for Remain. Instead, he has gambled and lost, so now he has stepped away from the ruinous mess he helped create.


  • pjfnew

    13/07/2016 - 00:12

    HA! HA! HA! - LAUGH I NEARLY CRIED! more than a 100? i must go to Specsavers! i can only count 40 odd and that's being generous i'm sure some of them were just passing


  • Kayaker Pete

    12/07/2016 - 12:12

    Not only do this bunch of losers struggle with the concept of democracy, they appear to have forgotten that less than 35% of the electorate voted to remain in the EU. Their contempt for democracy shows their true colours.


  • DonCossack

    11/07/2016 - 21:09

    Sore loser brigade. These people are of detriment to Britain's future


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