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What to do with a problem like the A34?

Opinion divided as Newbury Today takes your views

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William Walker


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What to do with a problem like the A34?

Opinion was divided when Newbury Weekly News visited Newbury’s Northbrook Street last week to hear your views on the A34.

One Beedon resident, Steve Ives, aged 77, lives right next to the major trunk road and said he regularly witnessed incidents outside his window.

He said: “That road is a nightmare. I live by it and that crash last week was a nightmare.

“It is a regular occurrence, which I can see from out of my window. It needs something doing about it. I understand the Road Safety Foundation think it is a safe road.

“I think the several accidents shows it is not.

“I think the reason that it is dangerous is that people treat it like a motorway when really it is a dual carriageway.

“People come along with their Jaguars doing 90 and 100mph.

“There has been a lot of talk about a speed limit reduction and to me that sounds like the most simplistic way, but I also understand that it costs a fortune to run cameras.”

Hungerford resident Amber Clarke, aged 33, also supported a call for a reduced speed limit and agreed the road was dangerous.

She said: “I drive that road quite regularly.

“I don’t like going through there with my two children in the car.

“I have a large car, a 4x4, so I feel a bit more safe driving than the others.

“They are on about putting a speed limit there and that I think they should do.

“The problem there is visibility. I think that people who use it, they drive like it’s a motorway.

“I have been using that road for two years and I think people should have some sort of test every so often because some people just shouldn’t be on the roads.”

Software engineer at Vodafone Dinesh Raja, aged 27 said he was caught in an hour-long queue after the fatal accident last week, but said overall he felt the road was not dangerous.

He said: “I think the road is okay. It’s not too bad.

“There is a problem because of the amount of traffic, but there is no point in lowering the speed limit – it is drivers’ behaviour.”

He said that when he first moved to the UK four years ago, he felt the standard of driving was good, but that this had since dropped.

Shaw resident Lynn English told us: “I have never had any problems on the road, but sometimes it does get congested.

“I don’t think the speed limit has anything to do with it quite honestly. It’s just the way people drive.

“If the road is full, people get impatient and that makes it even more dangerous.

“It’s a mainly straight road and people want to put their foot down, but I have never had a problem.

“The solution is educating the drivers. Most people, say 99 per cent, are okay but you do get the odd one.”

What do you think? Let us known in the comments below or get in touch.

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  • spikey


    23/08/2016 - 16:04

    date 6/8/2006 verdict of Oxfordshire County Council leader Keith Mitchell following yet another horrific accident on the road on Monday afternoon. A family of four returning from holiday in France to their home in Lichfield, Staffordshire were all killed when their car became trapped underneath a car transporter on the northbound carriageway at the Islip junction. The dead people were yesterday named as Malcolm Dowling, 46, Janice Dowling, 42, Richard Dowling, 16, and George Dowling, 11. It means there have now been seven deaths on the A34 in 2005 the same total as the previous three years combined. The Highways Agency the Government department responsible for the road has yet to commit to any of the five options open to it to improve safety on the A34. Those options are: adding a third lane in either direction; building a new Oxford bypass; forcing long-distance freight off the road and on to trains; or two separate forms of road charging. And county council leader Mr Mitchell wa


  • gurninman

    23/08/2016 - 10:10

    It would be nice to see some real stats from the agencies concerned.I don't think speed is the issue - poor road design in some places (ridiculously short on/off slips) , but mostly the volume of traffic on a dual carriageway.The major route from the southern ports is a perfect example of the poor infrastructure we have to deal with.I regularly drive on the A34 from the M3 to the M40 , and the road is simply not fit for purpose.


  • spikey


    23/08/2016 - 10:10

    speed plays part of the problems on all of the roads does not matter if its an A road, or motorway, or a dual road, or a single lane, or track road, its down to drivers that need to drive in a safe manner instead of trying to get to from A to B record time, lorries coursing delays by overtaking each other when there is no need too as they are going the same directions, when this road was built there should of been a lane just for lorries and not allowed to over take. like they not allowed in the fast lane, it takes lorries to overtake round 5 mins that adds traffic problems. which courses speed wave in traffic. as i not long said so many things that account to deaths and road traffic accidents and that is humans. speed limit should be reduce in hot spots down from 70 to 40mph, ( A) roads should be 50mph not motorway speed also when trying to come of slip roads overgrown obstruct that should be kept cut,


  • spikey


    23/08/2016 - 09:09


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