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BOOM...what on earth was that? Mystery noise sparks online debate

Loud bang 'was not thunder' - was it a meteor?

John Garvey


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A HUGE bang which startled people in Thatcham last night (Sunday) could have been caused by a meteor, some have speculated.

Last night's boom sent several people out into the street expecting to see a plume of smoke from an explosion.

The earth-shattering noise was accompanied by a flash which lit up living rooms, prompting many to assume it was a single, extraordinarily loud, clap of thunder.

But one poster on social media wrote: "So now the met office don't know what the loud noise was."

Others speculated it might have been a meteor like the one which caused a blinding flash and loud boom in Arizona, USA, in June.

What's your theory? Let us know via the comments section below.

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Article comments

  • Ihavenonickname

    17/10/2016 - 22:10

    At the time lightning flash & single lightning flash I lost satellite signal on my as the cloud/rain was so thick!


  • Justabrit


    17/10/2016 - 21:09

    Plane going through the sound barrier


  • CloudEnthusiast

    17/10/2016 - 21:09

    Seriously, NewburyToday, why peddle such inanities like this? I live in the north of Thatcham; immediately after the lightning the sky in my back garden was full of stars whereas the front of my house contained a Cumulonimbus cloud (the only cloud-type to produce lightning) in the not-too-far distance, moving at a moderate rate. It was absolutely chucking it down a number of minutes prior, as Cumulonimbus clouds do, so my 'theory' was that it could very well have been a bolt from the blue - when lightning strikes outwards from within the cloud, sometimes up to 10 miles away. All of this meteor theorising is just, IMO, wishful thinking; people crave the unexplainable (look at religion). PS: It's not rare for Cumulonimbus clouds to give off solitary lightning bolts in single storms - which is where this story no doubt originates from.


  • Nortonator

    17/10/2016 - 18:06

    I think it was most likely thunder & lightening. I remember seeing a BBC weather forecast mid last week which predicted thunder & lightening for Sunday afternoon/evening. Definitely not a sonic boom either, this wouldn't have generated a flash of light. A UFO crash landing on Greenham is the only other real explanation..........


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