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Canine coping tips for Bonfire Night

Dogs Trust Newbury's expert advice

Jane Meredith

Jane Meredith


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Canine coping tips for Bonfire Night

DOGS Trust Newbury has provided some expert canine coping strategies, as fireworks screech and bang into the night sky.

According to the trust Guy Fawkes night on Saturday (Nov 5), is one of the most stressful times of year for dogs

Nicola Barrow, rehoming centre manager at Dogs Trust Newbury, said:

“Dogs don’t understand that fireworks are part of our celebrations, for them they are sudden, unpredictable, bright and very loud so it’s not surprising that so many become scared.”

Tried and tested methods of helping dogs cope include: building dens where they feel safe, playing classical music to mask the sounds, or simply ensuring they are with someone to provide a reasuring stroke, or cuddle and not left alone.

Dogs Trust Newbury resident, Branston, was, like most dogs: “Not a lover of loud noises,” said Ms Barrow:

“We’re making sure he has had lots of mental and physical exercise so he’s as relaxed as possible, we play music to help mask the sounds and we also make sure a member of staff stays with him to help him cope.”

Other tips include: walk your dog only in daylight hours, with additional play and training inside, close the curtains and leave the TV or radio on, and provide treats and favourite toys as a distraction.

Dogs with severe fears can be prescribed medication by a vet to reduce anxiety.

For  more information visit and anyone interested in providing Branston with a new home should telephone 0300 303 0292.

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