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Fresh plans for 1,000 homes at Sandleford Park submitted

Developer encouraging council to approve new plans 'without delay'

Dan Cooper

Dan Cooper


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Fresh plans for 1,000 homes at Sandleford Park submitted

SANDLEFORD Park developer Bloor Homes has submitted a fresh application for 1,000 homes and one primary school and is urging West Berkshire Council to approve it “without delay”.

Bloor knows that the council is relying heavily on the Sandleford development to meet its housing targets and has put in the new plans to “facilitate early delivery of this important allocated site”.

Bloor’s previous application – for 2,000 homes and two new primary schools – included land owned by a third party, Donnington New Homes.

However, the two parties have been unable to work together to come up with a single application, so Bloor has simply decided to submit one just for the land it owns in an attempt to prevent any further delays.

But there is a problem – that goes against the council’s request for a single application for the entire site.

Say No to Sandleford campaigner Peter Norman has this week accused Bloor of displaying an “extraordinary level of arrogance” by trying to ‘fast-track’ the application.

In its application, Bloor says: “The early delivery of this allocated site would strengthen the council’s housing land supply position and assist in the rebuttal of other speculative applications.”

It adds: “The development proposed is on land that is owned or controlled by the applicants.

“The accesses for which planning permission is sought involves only highway land and no third party land.

“This allows for commencement of development at Sandleford Park without delay, facilitating early delivery of this site of strategic importance for West Berkshire.

“The early delivery of this allocated site will make a significant contribution to West Berkshire’s housing need.

“The planning application which accords with the Development Plan Sandleford Park Planning Statement should be approved without delay.”

On the subject of the council’s housing targets, it says: “The most recent appeal decisions in West Berkshire indicate that the council cannot demonstrate a five-year supply of housing land, thus the importance of the timely delivery of this allocated site is given heightened importance.”

Bloor says that under this application, first completions could be expected in 2018, with 400 new homes being provided by the end of 2022.

A spokesman for Bloor Homes, Simon Faulkner, said: “In order to facilitate early delivery of this important allocated site, Bloor Homes and Sandleford Farm Partnership has prepared a further outline application for up to 1,000 homes, a primary school, local facilities, significant open space including a country park and wider infrastructure.

“This application covers a smaller area of land in comparison to the original application and relates to land within our control.”

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Article comments

  • Oldmoaner

    30/12/2016 - 12:12

    With wealthy land owners like our illustrious MP owning 75% of the land in West Berkshire and being determined to keep it in the 1930’s for their own selfish, greedy needs there is no chance of change. WBC can only build on the periphery of the area and the 1930’s councillors are determined to keep it that way to serve their masters so I am afraid it is dump it Newbury, Burghfield, Calcot and Tilehurst. Every country in the world develops along its major roads including the UK but seems West Berkshire has special dispensation. Land owners have converted land for show grounds at Siege Cross and Vodafone and then sold them off for development so is it not time for Chieveley to follow suite. Oh silly me they would rather carry on increasing the pollution to the majority of us surf’s so our elected representatives look out at miles of grass. Happy New Year


    • juzzthefuzz

      30/12/2016 - 23:11

      Agreed. A change of leadership would be most welcome news.


  • thepublandlord

    30/12/2016 - 11:11

    how can anybody say that an influx of 300,000 people a year ( the population of SOUTHAMPTON ), is very insignificant is beyond me. Our infrastructure , services and culture , are all crumbling under the strain. Enough is enough.


  • Louise


    29/12/2016 - 15:03

    Uncontrolled immigration is a major contributory factor, and governments that have the false impression that we have to house\ school them. WRONG.


    • juzzthefuzz

      30/12/2016 - 23:11

      Incorrect. To an extent. Uncontrolled immigration is a contributing factor, but certainly not as major as you make it out to be. I think you'll find, if you look at several of the reports on this, that immigration creates a net gain for the economy. One of the main factors is uncontrolled migration within the country, where more people who are working in the capital are moving to an area with more desirable business and transport links. Having a major Vodafone HQ in the area and a direct train link to London are major factors in people deciding to move here. Also, uncontrolled population increase can also be to blame for the stresses and strains on the infrastructure. Young adults having children at younger ages, 18-23 cause a generational lifespan increase, having up to 5 generations of the immediate family being alive in the same era. This puts a huge amount of pressure on local services.


    • gkcdavis

      29/12/2016 - 20:08

      A major contributing factor is that developers hold large swaths of land and submit inadequate plans for them. Immigration is very insignificant.


  • Concerned

    29/12/2016 - 13:01

    As much as meeting the housing quotas is necessary, it much be done properly. Building these houses without an entire plan would be irresponsible and goes against West Berkshire Council policy. There is no provision for HGV traffic in an area that will see 5000+ students walking to school every day and access needs to be fully understood and be able to cope with future building. Donnington New Homes have already identified further parcels of land. This development will be constructed over the next decade at least and it must be done right. The data provided by a Developer to support a planning application must be checked and be complete.


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