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Search for predators who 'hunted' woman in West Berkshire woods

'Kidnap motive' of 'determined and organised' men dressed in hunting gear

Search for predators who 'hunted' woman in West Berkshire woods

A WOMAN believes she escaped a sexually-motivated kidnapping bid after being “hunted” by two men in woodland.

The terror happened on Snelsmore Common and police reportedly told her the sinister pair had tried to abduct another victim.

She has come forward now to ask the Newbury Weekly News and to warn others.

The married woman, who is in her 40s and lives in the Newbury area, but does not wish to be named, said she was walking her dog in a quiet wooded area when she became aware she was in danger.

She said: “I had strayed into a secluded area when my dog suddenly stared at something.

“He froze, then started cowering, his tail between his legs.

“He has a good ‘human radar.’

“I looked up and saw a man walking towards me quickly. I sensed danger and turned to walk away.

“It was then I noticed another man walking as if to cut me off. All my senses were suddenly alert.”

The woman added: “This was in the area where the bluebells bloom in spring, down near the fields.

“I started to run and saw they were running after me. Everything was now happening so quickly.

“The first guy was pursuing me and the second guy was trying to cut me off. By now, when I looked back, the first one was staring right in my eyes as he chased me.”

She went on: “I kept running and suddenly saw other people. I was so relieved. I looked back, but the two men had vanished.”

The incident happened on January 2 and the woman said she reported it to the police, who told her another woman had suffered a similar ordeal after being chased in Snelsmore Common, apparently by the same two men.

She said: “I believe these men were determined and organised. I believe they will try again, perhaps elsewhere in Berkshire.

“I don’t want women to be afraid to go out, but to be aware of their surroundings. And if you feel you have been followed, don’t dismiss it, but trust your instincts – and report it to police.”

A spokesman for Thames Valley Police, James Williams, confirmed: “This incident happened at about 10.39am on January 2. The victim was chased by two men.”

The men are described as white and aged in their 40s or 50s. They were wearing green clothing and hats. The woman said: “They looked like they were dressed for hunting, shooting or fishing.”

Anyone with any information should call the 24-hour Thames Valley Police enquiry centre on 101 and quote reference 592 (3/1).

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