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Newbury MP Richard Benyon questions Chancellor's U-turn over tax hike for self employed

'Where will the money for social care come from?'

Chris Ord


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NEWBURY MP Richard Benyon is set to question the Government on how it intends to plug the funding gap in social care services after Chancellor Philip Hammond's spectacular U-turn today (Wednesday) on plans to increase taxes on the self employed.

The Chancellor announced he would scrap controversial proposals to increase the rate for Class 4 National Insurance Contributions (NICS) following a backlash from Tory backbenchers.

The move was considered as a breaking of a 2015 manifesto pledge when Mr Hammond revealed the plans during last week's Budget.

However, in a letter to Tory MPs today the Chancellor said there would be no increase in Class 4 NICS in this parliament. 

The funds raised through the tax increase had been intended to go towards social services, however questions will now be raised as to how the funding will be generated.

Mr Benyon told the Newbury Weekly News: "I wanted more money for social care.

"We were living in the European Union at the time the manifesto was written and the difficulty we are facing in social care now was not apparent.

"I respect him for listening to colleagues but what we need to make sure is that we are getting the money and alot of people will want to know where it's going to come from." 

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Article comments

  • NWNThatcham

    16/03/2017 - 21:09

    Why don't you stick Brexit where the sun doesn't shine and release that £122bln post Brexit deficit for social care. That will support Social Care funding for 60 years. Job done.


  • NWNThatcham

    16/03/2017 - 21:09

    Err... Richard, you now passionately support Brexit, remember? This is what you said in Parliament just a few weeks ago. Surely with all those wonderful opportunities you mad Brexiters go on about, tax would be reduced. Or is that £122bln increased post-Brexit deficit feeling a bit uncomfortable?


  • Tommy

    16/03/2017 - 19:07

    Where's the money going to come from ? How about using some of the Housing Benefit Thousands you & your other Tory cronies are raking in !!


  • MaryP

    16/03/2017 - 10:10

    This makes me so angry: why should the money come from hard working people who may well provide employment for other? People who get no sick pay, holiday pay, maternity packages, paternity packages...... I agree that social care requires addressing, as a carer myself I see first hand the change that is required. However, I totally disagree it should come from those who are self-employed. Using Brexit as an excuse for promoting a U-Turn on manifesto is an easy solution in my opinion - what else can be excused in this way? I think using Brexit as an excuse to change manifesto is a dangerous and slippery slope and one that I would have hoped my MP would not have travelled down.


    • Guide Dog

      18/03/2017 - 14:02

      Agee with all of that plus most self employed have private health insurance which releases the pressure on the NHS


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