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Greenham Parish Council and developer set to face off over Racecourse bus shelters

"If they want us to look after the bus shelters then get the road adopted”

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Greenham Parish Council and developer set to face off over Racecourse bus shelters

GREENHAM parish councillors have refused to take on responsibility for maintaining the bus shelters on The Racecourse development.

At a recent parish council meeting, members were adamant that the council would not be adopting the shelters, despite an expectation from developer David Wilson Homes for it to do so.

However, a stand-off between the two parties may be looming with David Wilson Homes claiming the council had previously agreed to adopt the bus shelters as part of the planning agreement in 2011.

A bus route runs through the development, connecting it with Newbury town centre, West Berkshire Community Hospital and Thatcham town centre.

Bus shelters fall under the responsibility of parish councils in West Berkshire, but Racecourse Road has not been adopted by West Berkshire Council and so remains private land.

At a recent Greenham Parish Council meeting, Paul Inman told fellow councillors that there was an expectation from the developer that the council would take over the running of five bus shelters on the new development.

However, Billy Drummond rejected the suggestion, saying: “I’m against taking them on.”

Lindsey Middlemiss added: “I think it’s wrong they have let the residents believe they can have the benefits of a private road while also having the benefits of an adopted road.

“I think it’s ridiculous that David Wilson Homes have let people believe they could have the best of both worlds. If they want us to look after the bus shelters then get the road adopted.”

Councillor Gary Puffett said: “I think we have to point out how reluctant they were for people to use the Racecourse Road when Boundary Road was closed.

“Why should we give them any quarter?”

Daniel Paveley, of David Wilson Homes, said the developer was surprised by the council’s refusal as there had been an agreement that the parish authority would take over the shelters once the development reached a certain stage.

Mr Paveley said: “We’ve sent them some communication to remind them of letters sent to West Berkshire in March 2011.

“We don’t want to see the bus shelters fall into ruin – we are not geared up as a developer to look after bus shelters.”

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Article comments

  • BenRacecourse

    12/04/2017 - 12:12

    Strange as on the planning applications the private road is actually only up to the bollards and the area from the roundabout to the bollards is to be adopted thus making the bus stops on an adopted road. All the other roads of racecourse road are to be adopted so it would be strange that the residents would have to go through a private road to get to the public roads!


    • NWN_reader

      13/04/2017 - 15:03

      What? Come again.


  • spikey


    12/04/2017 - 12:12

    then open up the roads round the race course then which the race course part of west berkshire, or even better close down the race course as it wont have anything to do with the community or help funding the people in west berkshire. i blame the race course for traffic congestions, and the drunks that course trouble in and around the area either as they turn up or leave the race course... if they supported the local community and had the roads opened to help traffic flow when congested, but this is not only the developer it is also the people in charged of the race course and also how many of these properties are affordable.