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“We are going to have a great local facility for local people”

Parish council defends flagship Greenham Control Tower project

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Greenham Parish Council yet to submit application for £100,000 control tower loan

“WE are going to have a great local facility for local people.”

That was the answer given to Greenham residents who demanded to know how the parish will benefit from the project to convert the iconic Greenham Control Tower into a visitor centre and café .

However, the response did not placate angry parishioners, who aired strong concerns over the cost to the parish, in the face of no financial gain.

Residents, including several former councillors, took the chance to vent their frustrations during a heated annual assembly, which saw the under-fire council forced to defend its £700,000 flagship scheme.

Councillors denied the project was an “elephant in the room”, arguing that feedback received on the control tower had been largely positive.

Onsite work ground to a halt last year as escalating costs depleted funds, while the council faced criticism over its management of the project.

Greenham Parish Council has so far spent more than £723,981 on the project, with a further £100,000 needed to complete the conversion of the Grade II-listed building.

Councillors again confirmed there would be no financial benefit to the parish from the tower, with a separate entity to be formed to run of the building.

Residents were told that a large portion of the funds had been secured through grants.

Some of the costs will be provided by the parish, with the council setting aside £60,000 of this year’s budget for the scheme (including more than £40,000 of its reserves), while a draft business plan suggests handing £30,000 of the council’s budget to the separate entity over the next three years to assist in running costs.

It was, however, recommended at the meeting that this sum be reduced. One member of the public said: “The parish is picking up the bill and getting no returns.”

Another, former RAF gunner Allan Mercado, urged the council to ensure the project remained a memorial to the servicemen and women who had served at the airbase during the Cold War.

Control tower committee chairman Jon Gage confirmed the history of the site “would be covered”.

He added that the control tower would ultimately be able to finance itself through the café, and rent from office and storage space, but any funds generated would go to the entity formed to run the site.

He said: “We are going to have a great local facility for local people.”

Going on to address the lack of financial return to the parish, he said: “From day one that was made clear.”

The building is expected to be open to the public later this year.

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Article comments

  • bruin the bear

    27/04/2017 - 15:03

    why has the NWN at least not asked for a breakdown of the £700k already spent?


  • danny2300

    27/04/2017 - 08:08

    I've given up on the idea that this will ever come to completion. It's a complete waste of time and effort. I have no intention of visiting for any means. There is plenty of historical documentation of the area elsewhere (books, New greeham park...etc.) and the cafe will be the usual run by volunteers "no we don't accept card sir" crap paninis half filled sandwiches and lukewarm mugs of coffee affair that we see elsewhere. The common is minutes away in all directions from better facilities. So my view is just leave it as it is. The control tower is one of the few remaining landmarks of the old airbase and it will no doubt be ruined by any so called "improvements". No one asked for the control tower to be changed its the usual "I've got a fab idea" committee again.


    • Bombey

      27/04/2017 - 16:04

      I have a feeling you will be in the minority. Can you tell me where these 'better facilities' are that are 'minutes away'?


  • Mairi

    27/04/2017 - 00:12

    The control should be preserved, and used, but I don't think a parish council was the appropriate body to handle the restoration, I think that was WBC passing the buck, and the project has been mismanaged and money wasted.


  • GreenhamPete

    26/04/2017 - 13:01

    TOTAL INCOMPETENCE. led by total incompetents, now managed once again by the original incumbent Incompetent.


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