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Major road improvements planned to tackle Newbury's traffic problems

Council considering a number of options to ease congestion at peak times

Dan Cooper

Dan Cooper


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43-2012A Traffic

A NUMBER of major road improvements are being planned in a bid to ease congestion in Newbury during peak times.

The council says that, during the morning and evening rush hours, the A339/Bear Lane junction next to Sainsbury's is close to capacity.

As a result, it is proposing to create a new signal controlled junction on the A339 into Cheap Street to allow traffic travelling from the north and east to access the town centre.

This would involve making Bear Lane one-way eastbound between Wharf Road and the A339, meaning motorists would no longer be able to turn left into the town centre by KFC.

The council also wants to remove the central reservation on the A339 between the Sainsbury's junction and the new Cheap Street junction to provide a right turn lane into Cheap Street.

This would mean parking on Cheap Street south would be restricted to accommodate the additional traffic flow.

It is also proposed to introduce a new pedestrian crossing on Cheap Street and a new mini roundabout at the Market Street/ Cheap Street junction which will replace the current layout.

For a video demonstration on how the junction would work, see below.

A public consultation on these proposals begins today and will run until Sunday, June 4.

Anyone wanting to read more and have their say on the proposals should visit email or call (01635) 519080.

For more, see Thursday's Newbury Weekly News.

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Article comments

  • Racegoer

    04/05/2017 - 10:10

    The video simulation does not show the effect on traffic at the Kings Road/Burger King roundabout. The proposed traffic light on the A339 northbound before Cheap Street will just move the grid lock to the Burger King roundabout. The root cause of the congestion at the Sainsbury roundabout is northbound traffic turning right into Bone Lane. Even the simulation still shows this as congested. The new plans will not solve the overall problem. Better to do nothing than have another year of roadworks and no ultimate solution.


  • Justabrit


    03/05/2017 - 19:07

    Oh Great more traffic lights more tail backs , just what newbury needs !!! What is going to happen when it does not work as planned . NOTHING !! , Just seen your planning by taking away the parking at Prospect place !!!


  • Bombey

    03/05/2017 - 14:02

    Hmmm, rather a large amount of traffic using the Parkway bridge in those simulations...


  • Justin S

    03/05/2017 - 14:02

    As an unusual thing , I do have cycling insurance through the BCF, Bobby. The issue of how many cars will kill you relative to bikes isn't a valid point as there is 500 times more cars at rush hour than bikes. I am quite happy just to meander to work and back, a distance of 4 miles so as to not use my car, but trying to convert the un-convertable , is like asking for a bridge in Thatcham. Newbury will continue to grow and the council will make money and the roads will stay the same. Eugene does like stating what happens elsewhere, but this is here and a country that never really showed cycling interest sadly, even if I do enjoy the sport and accept abuse from drivers and other so called locals.


    • EugeneStryker

      03/05/2017 - 17:05

      Justin S, is your criticism of me that I advocate taking an empirical approach? People are not interested in utility cycling because of the perceived danger of mixing with motor traffic - it is as simple as that. So build convenient, direct and safe segregated cycle infrastructure and the traffic problems in Newbury will mostly disappear. Your dejected acceptance of the status quo will not help Newbury become a more liveable town.


      • Justin S

        04/05/2017 - 09:09

        I like your approach and in no way 'criticised' , but not all people 'can' cycle. Not saying that more people shouldn't. Approaching the council and government and ask for millions to make a massive cycle infrastructure in Newbury and surrounding areas , when the roads are rotten, place is general disrepair , you may get disappointed in their response. Having had family since the 1930's in this area, we have seen the evolution of Newbury and unless Trump gives us a MOAB to drop and we start again, the place will never have a cycling system that you so wish to have. Keep trying though, I like your fight for it !


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