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Voters 'want an MP who will defend them against cuts that hit the poor hardest'

Newbury Labour Party unveils their general election candidate

Voters 'want an MP who will defend them against cuts that hit the poor hardest'

NEWBURY Labour Party has announced its “progressive candidate” to fight for Newbury on June 8. 

Alex Skirvin, aged 23, has said that he wants to work for everyone in Newbury, to wrestle control of the constituency from the Conservatives. 

Mr Skirvin lives in Wash Common and works in corporate and external affairs at Vodafone Newbury.

He said: “Newbury is where I live and work. It’s provided me a career, a new home and endless opportunities – that’s what I want for everyone.

“But for too long Newbury has been a Conservative stronghold.

“This cannot continue as we see sweeping cuts to public services, such as the library closures, and a crisis of affordability in the housing market.

“My family shaped in me the values of hard work, fairness and equality.

“My mother’s a retired NHS nurse, my father works for a brewery and my stepmother works in a supermarket.

“I am the progressive candidate who can work for everyone in Newbury and the surrounding area.

“Labour’s support is growing, while the Lib Dems vote collapsed at the last election, because they can’t be trusted not to support the Tories.

“This election is not just about the EU, as the Lib Dems claim, but about all the issues that affect people’s lives, such as education, housing, childcare and a brighter future for everybody, not just the wealthy few.”

Mr Skirvin was born in Preston and worked for the media regulator Ofcom after graduating from the London School of Economics.

He is also a keen actor and has appeared in amateur productions.

He said: “For me, politics is about giving people a hand up. I get stuck in to help people, especially young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

“I live and work in the constituency – it’s where I call home.

“It’s a beautiful constituency filled with warm and thoroughly decent people – their values aren’t reflected in Richard Benyon’s voting record.

“We’ve been out on the streets, engaging with people in the constituency.

“Their concerns are wider than just Brexit.

“They don’t want a rerun of the referendum, they want an MP who will defend them against cuts that hit the poor hardest, and who will support  policies that mean their children can afford a house, and create a care system that allows people to grow old with dignity.

“They want an education system that doesn’t segregate pupils, and one where students can go to university without being saddled with enormous, lifelong debts – a broken promise by the Lib Dems we should never forget or forgive.

“Labour is the fastest-growing party in the area, and that reflects the changing needs of a changing area, a younger and more optimistic view of a brighter future for everyone.”

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Article comments

  • bruin the bear

    06/05/2017 - 09:09

    Good luck Alex. Here's a clue or two- expose how the hell £700k (!!) has been spent on the greenham tower fiasco and how wbdc sold the site to Grainger...for nothing. Sadly we ignore our local democracy and need to hold these pillocks to account.


  • GreenhamPete

    05/05/2017 - 15:03

    "He is also a keen actor and has appeared in amateur productions..." As a member of the Labour Party presumably