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Mother-of-two launches petition to lower speed limit on busy Newbury road

"I’m just a mum and there’s a danger there"

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Mother-of-two launches petition to lower speed limit on busy Newbury road

A CONCERNED mother is urging West Berkshire Council to take action to improve road safety in and around Andover Road.

Julie Knapman has launched an online petition in an attempt to have the speed limit lowered along certain sections of the busy route, which is regularly used by schoolchildren.

The petition hopes to get the council’s highways department to consider lowering the speed limit around Falkland Primary School and Park House School from 30mph to 20mph, while extending the current 30mph limit to the end of the residential area, which is currently 40mph.

Mrs Knapman, whose two young children are pupils at nearby Falkland Primary School, said: “I’m not an expert, I’m just a mum and there’s a danger there.

“So far we’ve had a very positive response.

“The area is full of children by quarter past three between Falkland School and Sainsbury’s.

“There’s children on the pavement, there are cars parked on the pavement head to tail and no room for any error.

“There are children trying to cross where they shouldn’t cross because they are children. It’s just manic.”

So far the petition has gained more than 100 supporters.

According to Mrs Knapman, there have been a number of incidents since 2012 in the area of the schools, along with several near-misses – while two vehicles left the road within a 10-month period in the area of Gorselands and Conifer Crest.

Mrs Knapman said she decided to campaign for the changes while researching the statistics.

“Some people have questioned whether speed is the problem,” she explained.

“But what I say to that is speed may not be the direct cause, but it certainly affects the outcome.”

The campaign also hopes to have a zebra crossing installed between Conifer Crest and Ladwell Close.

You can find the petition by visiting and searching “Andover Road”.

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Article comments

  • hgv1driver


    26/05/2017 - 22:10

    I travel along this road more than 10 times a day and have noticed cars only slow down for the camera, some children do not cross on the crossing and some parents park on the grass just beyond the crossing when collecting that i believe is the problem no need to change the speed limit


  • rosebud

    26/05/2017 - 18:06

    Couldn't agree more, certainly much less than 20 mph at these times. Also, maybe inconsiderate parents determined to park as near to the school as they possibly can is as much of a danger to their precious children, but as usual they deem it someone else's problem. Perhaps they could start taking responsibility for their own children


  • Leeroy

    26/05/2017 - 17:05

    I don't recall any spate of accidents that would warrant a change to the speed limit of this arterial road for the town. The fact that we have these three schools (including St Barts) located so close to the road is unfortunate but I don't see why suddenly there is a problem. I could understand and would be in support if this was a petition for extra crossing points (zebra crossings or traffic lights) I believe these measures would be more beneficial in the long term rather than slowing the traffic down unnecessarily but personally I believe the speed are perfectly matched for the area. 30 for a built up area and 40 at the end. If your argument is that cars speed then this is a matter for the police. But you can't escape the fact that as others have indicated the students and the parents are the ones who show a disregard for the road and the dangers it presents therefore the schools/parents should be taking this upon themselves to educate their pupils about road safety.


  • NWN_reader

    26/05/2017 - 10:10

    I've seen other schools locally deploy variable speed limits. There are signs which say when the amber lights flash on it (during school opening and closing times) the limit is 20mph. At all other times the limit is 30 mph. This sounds like a better solution as the road can be a more sensible 30mph for the 95% of time outside of the school rush hours.


    • Concerned

      26/05/2017 - 17:05

      I would be happy with either. My mission is just to get Highways to look at it. Then I will leave it up to the experts! :)


    • EugeneStryker

      26/05/2017 - 10:10

      The distance from Budgens roundabout to Conifer Crest is 1.05km. If you drive that at a constant 30mph it will take 1.3 minutes compared to 1.9 minutes at 20 mph - hardly a huge inconvenience. Being hit by a car at 20 mph an adult pedestrian has a 1.5% chance of fatality and at 30mph it is 8%. So given the insignificant time saving at 30 mph, just make it a 20 mph zone.


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