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Mobility scooter speed crackdown planned

Newbury Town Council campaign will ask scooter drivers to slow down

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Mobility scooter speed crackdown planned

NEWBURY Town Council is set to launch a crackdown on people who drive mobility scooters too fast in the town centre.

The council has received complaints about the number of scooters whizzing around pedestrians in the busy shopping streets of Newbury, prompting councillors to approve an awareness campaign.

The Share the Space campaign, which will also target cyclists, aims to highlight the dangers of driving the vehicles too quickly and urges speedy users to select the tortoise setting on their scooter.

Proposals to go ahead with the campaign, which will include the printing and delivering of 5,000 campaign leaflets, were approved at a meeting of Newbury Town Council’s planning and highways committee on Wednesday evening (May 31).

The leaflets state: “Newbury town offers an easy, friendly and accessible welcome to people using mobility equipment and the town’s businesses value their custom.

“We do receive complaints that some users drive their scooters too quickly in and amongst pedestrians in the town. If you are easily overtaking pedestrians you are going too fast.”

The leaflets go on to ask users not to “dart out of shop doorways, alleyways and lanes” and to keep their speed controller to the low or tortoise setting.

In a separate leaflet, cyclists are asked to slow down, give pedestrians priority and “get off and walk if necessary”.

The cost of the leaflets is expected to be around £50.

The proposal, which chief executive Hugh Peackocke had recommended for approval, is the result of a survey carried out by members of the council’s pedestrian experience working group.

The working group was formed in November 2015 to identify issues and make recommendations to improve the pedestrian experience in the town.

Working group chairwoman, Jo Day, said: “Occasionally mobility scooters do go too fast.

“I’ve nearly been mowed down by one, so we thought we would just ask everybody, mobility scooters and cyclists, to slow down a bit.

“Most are responsible, but like everything else there is a minority.”

The clampdown has already received support from The West Berkshire Disability Alliance, Newbury Business Improvement District and West Berkshire Council’s cycling officer Caroline Lane.

The Share the Space campaign will launch later this month.

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Article comments

  • Westberkswalker

    05/06/2017 - 18:06

    I walk through Northbrook Street most days. I have had near misses with mobility scooters but so many more with bikes and kids on scooters, including kids on scooters in shops! We need to be constantly mindful of the fact that people in a pedestrianised shopping area will always be liable to act unpredictably. If everyone sticks to a sensible speed and gives one other plenty of space that shouldn't be a problem.


  • Mossplanktor

    05/06/2017 - 17:05

    I have a Mobility Scooter, and without thinking i always slow down when there are pedestrians about as a matter of course. However! there are those pedestrians that walk in front of you or have got their heads stuck into mobile phones.


  • NewburyDenizen

    05/06/2017 - 10:10

    While we're at it, can we do something about the self absorbed and entitled mothers pushing their spawn around in ultra wide buggies, running over feet or hitting ankles and not even being courteous enough to apologize? How about the folks who just randomly stop in the middle of the high street for seemingly no reason whatsoever and hold up all those behind them? I think I'll stick to doing my shopping online and not have to deal with these things actually :)


  • Blizzard

    05/06/2017 - 09:09

    I understand mobility issues. My wife is in a wheelchair. However I've had a chap zip out crossing the road on a mobility scooter on the A339 while on a red light for pedestrians. I have been hit by one coming out of an ally way in Northbrook street. I've seen plenty more darting around exceeding their limits. If it was a guy on a bike or balance board then there would be all hell to pay but as it's "Old/Disabled" we just let them off the hook because you have to be sensitive and PC and not say the obvious..."Slow down you idiot before you hurt someone it's a pavement not a go cart track"


    • sayitasitis

      05/06/2017 - 10:10

      The mobility scooters that are speeding about town are an absolute nuisance and do need addressing, they carry a lot of weight and would easily break an ankle, and in their haste going to the Pound Shop they seem to have lost their manners when you do move out of their way. How you define what is too fast and how you regulate it though will be extremely difficult as I cant see the police hanging around with speed guns.


      • PopSmoke79


        07/06/2017 - 14:02

        I'd say that faster than walking pace is too fast.


      • Tommy

        07/06/2017 - 03:03

        How about NTC making designated Mobility Lanes ! Alternatively to cut cost's & make it more interesting they could be amalgamated with the existing Cycle Lanes !!


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