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Pinchington Lane homes plan ‘too much pressure on infrastructure’

Newbury town councillor says site would be 'overdevelopment'

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157 homes approved to tackle need for housing

FRESH plans to build a new housing estate on land off Pinchington Lane in Newbury have again been described as “overdevelopment” by town councillors.

New proposals to build 157 homes on the former landfill site were submitted to West Berkshire Council in May, after an initial application was invalidated owing to technical reasons.

Residents, as well as councillors, had previously raised concerns over the impact the new development would have on the local area.

At a meeting of the planning and highways committee last Wednesday, councillors again claimed the proposals would place too much pressure on the already fragile local infrastructure.

Miles Evans (Con, Victoria) also revealed concerns over the continued loss of green space between Newbury and Greenham.

Addressing the committee, he said: “It’s becoming quite hard to distinguish where Newbury stops and Greenham starts.

“When I grew up there was a very clear distinction between them.”

He added: “I’m concerned about 157 dwellings on that site.

“What impact that will have, certainly on the road network.

“I would suggest it’s overdevelopment of sorts – 157 houses on that site seems to be quite a substantial number.”

Adrian Edwards (Con, Falkland) raised further concerns over the planned access to the site, which would see new roads onto the development created off Greenham Road to the east and Haysoms Drive to the west.

Mr Edwards said: “I don’t think that access has been thoroughly thought through.

“I’m not so happy about the western side of that road for pedestrians.

“If they considered putting a pedestrian crossing there I would be happier about it, but at the moment I have reservations about it.”

Councillors voted to object to the plans.

The application has also received two letters of objection from local residents.

The site, however, has been earmarked for housing, having been included in West Berkshire Council’s development plan document.

If approved, the estate, which will be split in two with an area of public space between, would provide a mix of one-, two-, three- and four-bedroom homes (63 of which will be affordable).

Developer Rivar Ltd has said to not develop the open space which lies to the east of Newbury Retail Park would be a “missed opportunity”.

A decision will be made on the application by West Berkshire Council’s western area planning committee in the coming weeks.

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Article comments

  • juzzthefuzz

    13/06/2017 - 17:05

    Another unsurprising outcome from WBC, and another blow to the youth of the area looking to buy their first home. That is if the council decide to actually stick to an affordable housing target for once. I've had just about enough of hearing more developments being turned down. Its simple to break down into 3 points how politics of the council affects this 1. By reducing the supply of housing, the people who will be moving to the area will be predominantly well off. Housing isn't cheap in Newbury so those on high wages, £60k p/a plus, will be looking to buy, mostly middle aged, 35-50s. Generally support Conservatives, increasing local council mandate. 2. Increase in supply of housing lowers overall average house cost. Plenty of Conserative voters wouldn't like this. Would prefer to see things stay the same and not lose potential capital in property. 3. Force the youth out to other areas of the country, as most are left leaning Labour/Green voters. It's time for change, WBC.


  • spikey


    13/06/2017 - 08:08

    Need affordable housing in Newbury think housing on that site is better then having pikeys setting up camp which they all the time. Think people need to move with the future and think of next generation to come instead of being stuck in there old ways of things.


    • zmjrc

      13/06/2017 - 15:03

      'Stuck in there (sic) old ways of things'? Meaningless nonsense. The main concern is clearly that Newbury's infrastructure cannot cope as it is, let alone with more and more housing popping up; the traffic in the town is already a joke. Significant upgrades need to happen for any new housing to be viable in the area, but of course WBC will ignore this and push it through as all that matters is £££


      • quadnewbury

        14/06/2017 - 09:09

        zmjrc Well said mate I totally agree with you