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Motorist flouted driving ban for running down man in road rage

Stonemason tells court he worked for Royal Family

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Motorist flouted driving ban for running down man in road rage

A DRIVER who ran down an innocent man in a road rage attack has been caught flouting the resulting driving ban.

Jocelyn ‘Joss’ Nankoo was jailed in March 2015 after a judge heard how he used his silver Porsche as a weapon, aiming at the innocent motorist who had got out to remonstrate with him.

His victim sustained potentially life-changing head injuries after being knocked sprawling into oncoming traffic in Thatcham Broadway.

Mr Nankoo, of Hebden Close, Thatcham, then verbally abused the unconscious man at his feet.

His victim was hospitalised for eight days and had six staples put into the wound in the back of his head.

Mr Nankoo was jailed for 12 months and banned from driving for three years.

He was also ordered to complete an extended driving test before applying to have his licence returned to him.

But last Thursday, Reading magistrates heard police had caught the 54-year-old driving while disqualified.

Anne Sawyer-Brandish, prosecuting, said: “The ban resulted from a matter of causing serious injury by dangerous driving. An officer spotted him driving his vehicle and stopped him.”

She said that, during his police interview, Mr Nankoo immediately admitted his guilt, but told officers there had been an urgent job he had needed to complete and no one else was available to chauffeur him.

Mr Nankoo admitted driving a Mercedes Vito van while disqualified on Bone Lane, Newbury, on September 21, and driving without insurance on the same occasion.

A probation officer told the court that the latest offence also crossed the custody threshold, but that another bout of imprisonment would seriously impact Mr Nankoo’s stonemasonry business.

Mr Nankoo, who represented himself in court, interjected: “I’ve done work for the Queen, for Prince Philip and for Kate Middleton.”

He told magistrates he was sorry for his latest offending, but added: “A client was waiting at a cemetery to have a headstone put in.”

After retiring to confer, magistrates made Mr Nankoo subject to an 18-month community order with a Rehabilitation Activity Requirement.

He must also attend an accredited rehabilitation course.

His driving ban, which would have expired in March, was extended by three months and magistrates reminded Mr Nankoo he must still take an extended driving test before his licence is returned.

Finally, he was ordered to pay £85 costs plus a statutory victim services surcharge of £85.

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Article comments

  • hgv1driver


    28/10/2017 - 19:07

    I bet he carry’s on flouting the law until he is caught again


  • Bombey

    24/10/2017 - 14:02

    Shame he no longer has his stall in Newbury Market...


  • EugeneStryker

    24/10/2017 - 12:12

    It baffles me that when the weapon of choice is a car, people are treated so leniently. If he had chosen to use a bat or metal bar of something, I suspect he would have been dealt with more harshly.


  • redhead

    24/10/2017 - 12:12!!! what a self entitled idiot! and was someone afraid of offending the royal family by handing the proper justice??? they would probably applaud it if they had!!!


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