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Explorer's Lyme disease warning

Mountaineer bitten by tick 'was weak as kitten' for weeks

Charlotte Booth

Charlotte Booth


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Explorer's Lyme disease warning

A WOOLTON Hill-based mountaineer wants to warn people in Hampshire about ticks after he contracted Lyme disease. 

Lee Farmer, a professional outdoor instructor, was bitten by a tick in June on the North Wessex Downs.

He said: “It’s ironic that I’ve gone from feeling strong as an ox in May and was leading a team of mountaineers to the summit of Island Peak in the Nepalese Himalayas, then, by the end of June, as weak as a kitten after being bitten by a tick on my thigh.

“Now, I’m slowly on the road to recovery thanks to my GP being aware of the disease and the prompt appropriate treatment given to me.

“I had the classic bullseye rash that kept growing for about two weeks and it didn’t stop spreading until it reached about 14 inches on my lower torso and thigh.

“I didn’t realise it was infected until my kidneys and muscles starting really hurting and I was feeling ill generally.

“That was the prompt to go to the local GP surgery, where I was immediately diagnosed with Lyme disease and put on a long course of high-strength antibiotics.”

During the warm weather, Mr Farmer wants to warn people of the telltale signs of a tick, a small creature about the size of a poppy seed that latches on to the skin. 

Typical symptoms of Lyme disease are a spreading red rash known as the ‘bullseye rash’, headaches, a stiff neck, extreme fatigue, muscle and joint pain and light and sound sensitivity.

Mr Farmer said: “There’s a lot of information online, especially at uk/ and but if in doubt see your local GP.

“I’m really glad I did.”

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