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Green bin charge starts on Monday

District council has already generated £825,000 before the scheme is even implemented

Fiona Tomas

Fiona Tomas


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Green bin charge starts on Monday

WEST Berkshire Council’s controversial green bin charge will come into effect on Monday.

So far, 16,500 households have opted to pay the £50 annual fee to have their garden waste recycled. 

This means the council has already pulled in £825,000 of the £900,000 it hopes to generate from the scheme during this financial year.

Meanwhile, a petition calling to scrap the green bin charge has been signed by more than 6,700 people. 

The online-only subscription allows residents to sign themselves up or to register on behalf of family, friends and neighbours. 

The charge applies from September 3 until August 31, 2019. 

Households that pay the £50 will receive a sticker to place on their green bin to ensure its collection. 

The council said that residents should allow up to 14 days for stickers to arrive. 

Up to five green bins per household are allowed; the first costing £50 and each additional bin costing £67 (a £40 service charge and £27 for a one-off bin payment). 

The council said that the payment must be made in full, as it cannot accept direct debit payments, and it could not offer concessions. 

No refunds are available outside of the 14-day cancellation period. 

The council said that residents not paying the charge can use their green bin to recycle their food waste  

Residents had previously paid for the collection of their green bins through their council tax. The council said it had little choice but to introduce the new charge due to a massive reduction its government funding.

West Berkshire Council’s executive member for waste, Hilary Cole, said: “The response to the green waste scheme has been extremely encouraging.

“To date, 16,500 households have signed up prior to the service starting.

“We would remind those who wish to sign up to do so as soon as they can.”

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Article comments

  • Daffy

    05/09/2018 - 20:08

    West Berks agreed a £500m 25year PFI contract with Veolia. If Veolia cannot maintain that contract they are the ones that should be held to account, not us the residents. If Veolia are having financial difficulty in honouring their contract, it's not the residents fault and neither should residents be forced to pay for such service. West Berks should hold Veolia to task as they are not upholding their agreement. After all, Veolia produce and sell 'Pro Grow' soil conditioner from our green waste! Imagine if a PFI scheme to build a school or hospital was agreed, only for the council to apply attendance fees. There would be a public outcry! PFI schemes are supposed to provide value for money, clearly this is not the case and as usual 'they' are too big to fail. It all stinks!


  • G-O-S

    04/09/2018 - 09:09

    A few years ago, we used to have both the black and the green bins collected weekly, circa 100 bins collected from each household each year. This was subsequently reduced to a two-week collection cycle for the bins, circa 50 bin collections per year. Now it is circa 25. THIS IS A 75% REDUCTION IN BIN COLLECTIONS. THE RESIDENTS HAVE BEEN CONNED!


  • zmjrc

    03/09/2018 - 15:03

    A document on WBC's website states that there were 62,340 households in their authority as of 2011 - so the real story is: 'around three-quarters of households in West Berkshire choose not to pay new ridiculous charge for service they've already paid for' Source: ( under 'household composition'). The kind of shameless spin you would expect from West Berkshire Council, shame that Newbury Weekly News didn't feel it was necessary to include that figure for reference. A skeptical person might argue that they have excluded that figure intentionally...


  • spikey


    02/09/2018 - 17:05

    Basher : why should people be conned out of money for services that is already paid for in council tax which if I recall gone up not that long ago. If the wbc pigots of the torie party who don’t give a dam about anybody part from themselves and their rich white hair brigade who paid themselves huge allowance and then cut services, soon afterwards and Gave land away for free which is worth millions. We would not be forking extra due to wbc stupidity and errors along the way. Can not wait to vote out these irresponsible people who are wasting money and don’t have a clue in how to run any kind of business. And ruin lives.


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