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Live blog: West Berkshire Council elections

District council results and updates as they happen

John Herring

John Herring


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Live blog: West Berkshire Council elections

AFTER months of campaigning, today is the day.

Votes have been cast and later on today, the results of the local elections will be announced.

Seats are up for grabs on both West Berkshire Council and Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council and the Newbury Weekly News' team of reporters and photographers will be at both counts bringing you all the results and reaction through the day.

West Berkshire Council is currently made up of 52 councillors representing 30 wards.

The ruling Conservatives hold 46 of the 52 seats, while the Liberal Democrats have five.

One seat is empty following the resignation of Conservative councillor Jeremy Bartlett just before the elections.

However, under new changes brought in for these elections, the number of councillors will reduce by nine – from 52 to 43 – while the number of wards will drop from 30 to 24.

A total of 142 candidates have gone head-to-head to occupy these 43 seats. Both the Conservatives and Labour fielded 43 candidates – one for every seat. The Lib Dems, meanwhile, fielded 36 candidates, the Greens 16 and UKIP four. 


That's all folks - Conservative keep control of the council with 24 seats, Lib Dem have 16 and Green Party take 3.


Conservatives take both seats on Newbury Clay Hill

Jeff Beck (Conservative) 632

Danielle Louise Bryan (Green Party) 316

Jeff Cant (Conservative) 532

Gemma Elizabeth Lowe (Labour) 211

Lee Mcdougall (Labour) 163

Simon Everett Pike (Liberal Democrats) 354

Pamela Jean Lusby Taylor (Liberal Democrats) 519


Its a recount for the last ward - Newbury Clayhill


One more ward (two more seats) to go. As things stand, the Conservatives have 22 seats, the Lib Dems have 16 and the Green Party have three.


Two seats for the Conservatives in Chieveley and Cold Ash 

Marc Charon (Labour) 103

Hilary Cole (Conservative) 1073

Chris Evans (Labour) 93

Jill Hoblin (Green Party) 572

David Robert Lister (Liberal Democrats) 530

Garth Whiteley Simpson (Conservative) 1000

James Colin Thomas (Green) 377



The Green Party claim another seat! That's three now as David Marsh is elected to Newbury Wash Common ward.

Adrian Neil Abbs (Liberal Democrats) 1830

Stuart Philip Davenport (Conservative) 842

Adrian Arthur Walter Edwards (Conservative) 1118

David Ralph Marsh (Green Party) 1794

Anthony Corbett Pick (Conservative) 916

Peter Charles Tullett (Labour) 167

Tony Vickers (Liberal Democrats) 1829

Andrew William Wallace (Labour) 168

Julie Caroline Wintrup (Labour) 253


THE GREENS WIN ANOTHER SEAT! History is being made here as Steve Masters is elected to Newbury Speen ward.


Robert Chapman (Labour)

Jeanette Clifford (Conservative)

Bert Clough (Labour)

Lynne Doherty (Conservative)

Tony Harris (Liberal Democrats)

Steve Masters (Green Party)


Newbury Central Lib Dem take both seats 

Mark Andrew Beach (Labour) 196

Caroline Anne De Vere Ffrench Blake (Labour) 178

Joseph Alvin Clarke (Conservative) 535

Susan Millington (Green Party) 450

Andy Moore (Liberal Democrats) 957

Anthony Vincent Stretton (Conservative) 562

Martha Vickers (Liberal Democrats) 979


Conservative hold Lambourn

Charlie Lloyd Robert Christopher (Liberal Democrats) 254

Howard Robert Woollaston (Conservative) 667

Moz Bulbeck Reynolds (Labour) 136


Lib Dem take two seats and Conservative claim another in Burghfield and Mortimer 

Graham Henry Bridgman (Conservative)  1148

John Patrick Hannawin (Labour) 556

Graham William Hudson (Labour) 246

Carol Ingrid Jackson-Doerge (Conservative) 1,126

Janet Lilian Bishop (Labour) 215

Royce Ekins Longton (Liberal Democrats) 1,293

Alison May (Green Party) 880

Geoffrey Brian Mayes (Liberal Democrats) 1173

Ian Christopher Morrin (Conservative) 1028


Lib Dem win both seats in Thatcham Central

Dave Burns (Labour) 129

Richard John Crumly (Conservative) 603

Paul John Field (Green Party) 289

Gary Huntley (Labour) 121

Marigold Mary Jaques (Conservative) 516

Owen Edward Jeffery (Liberal Democrats) 907

Nassar Kessell (Liberal Democrats) 766

David John McMahon (UKIP) 242


Conservatives take both seats on Tilehurst Birch Copse ward

Gary Brampton (Green Party) 349

Louise Harriet Coulson (Labour and Co-operative) 385

Anthony Nicholas Linden (Conservative) 829

Gary Arthur Norman (Liberal Democrats) 198

Elizabeth Rosemary O'Keeffe (Liberal Democrats) 235

Joanne Lisa Stewart (Conservative) 835

Clive Taylor (Labour and Co-operative) 412


Lib Dems take two seats on THATCHAM NORTH EAST (two councillor ward)

Jason Paul Collis (Conservative) 706

Jeremy Richard Cottam (Liberal Democrats) 1054

Robert William Denton-Powell (Conservative) 622

Lee Raymond James Dillon (Liberal Democrats) 1088

Neale Thomas Hall (Labour) 167

Teresa Anne McDowell (Labour) 156


Historic moment for The Green Party as they gain their first ever seat on West Berkshire Council!

The results for Ridgeway ward are as follows:

Charlotte Therese Blackman (Labour) 33

Virginia Anne Von Celsing (Conservative) 458

Carolyne Lindsey Culver (Green Party) 917

Michael Phillip Bernard Palmer (UKIP) 73


Conservative take all three seats in Hungerford and Kintbury

Dennis Charles Benneyworth (Conservative) 1772

Ron Blindell (Labour) 153

Rob Chicken (Liberal Democrats) 1359

James William John Cole (Conservative) 1669

Tim Davis (Green Party) 763

Denise Anne Gaines (Liberal Democrats) 1446

Paul Pugh (Labour) 154

Claire Michelle Rowles (Conservative) 1605

Matt Wilson (Labour) 146

Shaun Henry Wood (Liberal Democrats) 1085


Lib Dem Alan Macro keeps his seat in Theale.

Alan Michael Macro (Liberal Democrats) 601

Chris Ryder (Labour) 85

Alex Traves (Conservative) 203


All three seats in Newbury Greenham go to the Lib Dems

Malik Kamail Pasha Azam (UKIP) 245

Phil Barnett (Liberal Democrats) 1337

Christine Anne Copeland (Labour) 273

Billy Drummond (Liberal Democrats) 1375

Miles William Evans (Conservative) 751

Sarah Anouska Greenall (Conservative) 752

Mark Anthony Jones (Conservative) 694

Matthew Thomas James Lowe (Green Party) 567

Erik Pattenden (Liberal Democrats) 1151

Gary Puffett (Labour Party) 263

Michael John Wakelyn (Labour) 183


All three seats in Tilehurst and Purley go to the Conseravtives.

Elizabeth Rowena Jane Bell (Labour) 666

Steve Bown (Liberal Democrats) 547

Richard John Jones (Conservative) 1,419

Stuart Graham Silvester Lythgoe (Labour) 471

Thomas Joseph Marino (Conservative) 1,313

Ben Rayner (Labour) 650

Andrew Brian Williamson (Conservative) 1,375

Steve Young (Green Party) 701


Thatcham West goes to the Lib Dems with Jeff Brooks and Keith Woodams reclaiming the seats they lost in 2015. Jeff Brooks holds on to the seat he took in the by-election last year. 

Sarah Anne Berrington (Labour) 109

Jeff Brooks (Liberal Democrats) 885

Ellen Mary Crumly (Conservative) 472

Gary Edward Johnson (UKIP), 256

Jane Elisabeth Livermore (Green Party), 255

Helen Elizabeth Picken (Conservative) 419

Susan Elizabeth Turauskis (Labour) 82

Keith William Woodhams (Liberal Democrats) 809


Both seats on Tilehurst South and Holybrook are taken by the Conservatives. Peter Argyle and Richard Somner elected.

Peter Argyle (Conservative) 865

Charles Spalding Croal (Labour) 395

Emma Claire Gillespie (Labour) 367

Sarah Lowes (Liberal Democrats) 266

Vaughan Miller (Liberal Democrats) 206

Richard James Somner (Conservative) 907


Bradfield and Pangbourne go to the Conservatives, Ross Mackinnon and Gareth Hurley are elected. Bradfield results were Con 543, Lib Dem 237 and Labour 92.

Pangbourne results were Con 593, Lib Dem 350 and Labour 205.

Seven out of seven for the Tories ... 17 wards and 36 councillors to go. 



Thatcham Colthrop and Crookham is taken by the Conservatives. Steve Ardagh-Walter elected by 71 votes - 480 to 409.

The ward was Thatcham south and Crookham and was represented by two Conservative councillors. It's now changed name and has one councillor now. 

When asked how he felt Mr Ardagh-Walter said: "Relief, happy, looking forward to it and I genuinely am. Lots to do but remians to be seen who we will be working with." 


Bucklebury stays blue. Graham Pask is re-elected


Aldermaston, Basildon and Downlands stay Conservative. Dominic Boeck, Alan Law and Clive Hooker re-elected.

Mr Law said: "I would like to thank the voters of Basildon who stood by me, much appreciated."


Turnout in this district was 36% - just 1% lower than our reporter John predicted. And way off what the rest of us had said.

The count is underway. Keep an eye on this live blog and we will bring you the results, ward by ward, as they come in.



Newbury MP Richard Benyon has arrived at the Racecourse and is mingling with the Conservative candidates as they await the beginning of the count.


Verification of the votes has now ended and the count is set to begin in half an hour. Turnout figures to be announced shortly.


An interesting fact to pass the time while we wait for the count to begin: around 50% of councils nationwide have waited until this morning to begin the count. West Berkshire is one of them.


He adds that there hasn't quite been apathy but "people are affected by this uncertainty of the national position. We have voters telling us that, and we have said it's all about local issues.

"Some people have responded to that positively, others have been determined not to bother or get engaged.

"It's very early. Turn out has been poor everywhere. Our target is to take as many seats as we can. We have fought a really hard campaign here. We want to get everybody across the line."

Responding to the national picture, which has seen the Conservatives lose 15 councils and more than 400 seats, Mr Boeck said: "It's disappointing to see them go down, but some such as Swindon have increased their majority, and there are plenty in this part of the country that are holding their own with reduced majorities. It's not all negative."

In case you're wondering, The Conservatives increased their majority by one.


Robert Chapman, Labour’s candidate in the Newbury Speen ward, just popped by our media desk to say hi. He says he has always been confident. “We can only hope; we can only hope,” he adds.

The Speen ward is expected to be a tight contest.



Mr Marsh adds: "The campaign went well. It's not all about Brexit. The national media are all saying this is some opinion poll on Brexit. A lot of people on the doorstep didn't mention it. I suspect there was a backdrop and people were angry about it but it was very good to see in Wash Common that people were really concerned about local issues, like Sandleford and road safety and local schools."


Labour candidate Suzie Ferguson says that the party is hopeful of picking up seats in the east of the district. 

"We really hope so but we're really not sure. We can really proud of what we have done but it's up to the people to make their choice and we won't know that until we see the numbers."


Lib Dem councillor Jeff Brooks tells our reporter John Herring that his party is expecting a good day. "The party has done extremely well nationally and we have had a very good reception on the doorsteps, so there's no reason that we shouldn't have a good day today."


From last night...


Labour retained control of Reading Borough Council last night. Labour still have 30 councillors, the Conservatives 10 (down two), the Greens four (one gain) and the Liberal Democrats two (one gain).

In the Tilehurst ward, Liberal Democrat Ricky Duveen won comfortably from the Tories. The Greens won a seat from Labour in Redlands and Labour won from the Conservatives in Caversham.


It was a great night for the Lib Dems and a bad result for the Conservatives in Wokingham. The Tories retain control of the council but with a much-reduced majority.

The Conservatives now have 31 councillors (down 10), the Lib Dems 16 (eight gains), Labour four (one gain) and there are three independents (one gain).

High-profile Tory casualties leader Julian McGhee-Sumner, long-standing Shinfield South member Anthony Pollock and Hillside's Norman Jorgensen.


The Conservatives lost control of South Oxfordshire District Council, with big gains for the Liberal Democrats. The council is now in no overall control.

The Lib Dems won 12 seats (11 gains), the Conservatives 10 (down 23), the Greens five (five gains), there are three independents (three gains), Labour won three (two gains) and there are three Residents’ Association councillors (two gains).


In Bracknell, the Conservatives retained control with a reduced majority.

The Tories now have 38 councillors (down three), Labour have three (two gains) and there is one Liberal Democrat (one gain).

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