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Love padlocks are torn from bridge

Mixed views at council action for 'health and safety reasons'

Charlotte Booth

Charlotte Booth


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Love padlocks are torn from bridge

THE so-called love padlocks were removed from Park Way bridge in Newbury town centre on Saturday.

The love padlock craze started in the early 2000s with a lock attached to a bridge or other monument symbolising an unbreakable love.

The key is traditionally thrown into the water. 

West Berkshire Council made the decision to remove the locks partially for health and safety reasons. 

Spokeswoman Peta Stoddart-Crompton said: “The padlocks were removed from the bridge as part of the routine maintenance programme. 

“There were a significant number of padlocks, which, left unchecked, could potentially cause damage to the bridge, rendering it unsafe and clearly, safety is a priority.

“Also, the council had received complaints from members of the public who had injured themselves on the locks and this reinforced the need to remove them as part of the safety and maintenance works.”

There was a mixed reaction to the removal from the Newburytoday Facebook Page. 

Annabel Young wrote: “Didn’t think it would be long before they spoilt a bit of harmless fun.”

Vicky Hensley disagreed, saying: “Yes, I agree that at the minute the added weight will not be enough to cause structural damage ... But eventually more of them will... 

“Yes it’s sweet, yes it’s romatic... But seriously, those saying it’s upsetting and devastating to those couples who have done it... if you need a padlock locked to a bridge to show your love for someone or to actually represent your love... Then you need to take a look at yourself.”

Veronika Kadrnkova said: “It’s not doing anyone any harm forpadlocks to be there, it’s a nice character.

“If we are paying for this then [the council] are wasting our funds which could be used elsewhere.”

In 2014, the Pont des Arts bridge over the River Seine in Paris collapsed due to the weight on the number of locks attached to it. 

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Article comments

  • NoisyNortherner

    14/06/2019 - 13:42

    What kind of melon do you have to be to injure yourself on a padlock attached to a bridge?


  • NewburyLad

    14/06/2019 - 11:31

    They're not "torn" from the bridge, they are cut away from the bridge. However, well done, a clean up was long overdue. These padlocks look a mess, and are childish and completely unnecessary.