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How new Newbury author set out life lessons for daughters

It's all about happiness, kindness and calmness says Caz

PICTURED above: Caz Campbell with her newly-published interactive book Donkey on a Waffle: 52 Happiness, Kindness & Calmness Topics & Tasks – for adults young and old!. Caz, 39, has lived in Newbury all her life, currently in Greenham with her husband, two daughters and a dog.

The title of her first book, she says, comes from an urban phrase meaning to make something a priority or to get on with a task ‘I’m all over it, like a donkey on a waffle’.

“The book is all about happiness, kindness and calmness, with 52 topics around areas of connection, awareness and fun.
“Each topic has an explanation, scientific research, then mini tasks to try. Many are particularly meaningful since Covid hit, such as the importance of community, positivity, touch, environment, motivation, relationships and travel.”

It all began with Caz writing bits of advice for her daughters – aged five and seven – for when they’re older.

The book is a treasure trove of all the many tips, talks, quotes, therapies, books, groups and scientific articles that have inspired and helped her in adulthood so far.

“I started a book of notes, set up email accounts for them and started sending things I wrote, pictures, articles, quotes – so collectively they’d be lessons in life for when they may need them.

“As you know, there is so much advice, information and scientific research out there on how to be happy, calm, kind and live a better life – it can be a tad overwhelming, with a lot of overlap. I wanted to put it all in layman’s words, summarise it and condense it in one colourful journal-style book – readers can write their own thoughts about each topic and come back to their notes.

For added interaction, support and fun, there is also a Facebook group Donkey on a Waffle where topics are discussed every week, so, says Caz, “feel free to join the community”.

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