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Fraudsters target Lambourn jockeys and trainers in bank scam

Warning issued from industry body


JOCKEYS and trainers from Lambourn are among those successfully targeted by a fraudster in a major bank scam, the Newbury Weekly News can confirm.

Around £250,000 has reportedly been removed from personal accounts, prompting the Newbury-based Professional Jockeys Association (PJA) to advise those in the horseracing industry to transfer their cash away from the major high street banking chains.

According to PJA chief executive Paul Struthers, the fraud has been ongoing since 2004 but recent events have prompted the association to issue a dire warning.

Mr Struthers said this week: “Yes, there have been people in the local area targeted – a few Lambourn jockeys and trainers.”

The PJA newsletter claims the main high street banks are “unwilling or unable” to prevent the activity, despite the culprit being repeatedly caught on CCTV going into branches and withdrawing huge sums from accounts of victims in the horseracing industry.

More than 30 jockeys and trainers have reportedly fallen prey to the scam in which the perpetrator is said to either present fake credentials or to simply pose as an individual using publicly available information, such as addresses and dates of birth, to illegally withdraw huge sums.

The PJA states: “What is most scandalous is that on almost every occasion the banks admit to not following their own procedures, handing significant sums of cash over – in some cases several thousands of pounds – despite signatures that don’t match those held by the bank and/or warning flags on the account not to issue cash withdrawals following previous frauds.”

The PJA goes on to advise: “In the light of the significant and ongoing losses... given the ineptitude of the major high street banks in preventing the fraud and their lack of interest in prosecuting it, the only way to prevent the frauds from continuing is to move their current account banking off the high street.”

The advice has been backed by the British Horseracing Authority (BHA), the sport’s governing body, it added.

Mr Struthers has asked to be kept informed of any new incidents by telephoning (01635) 44102.

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Article comments

  • skott

    16/10/2016 - 10:10

    well if the trainers and jockeys stop taking cocaine then maybe they would have more control over their personal finances and wouldnt of been so stupid to give over their own personal info to strangers they dont know.


    • rooter37

      17/10/2016 - 12:12

      Wow! so all trainers and jockeys are coked up! Brilliant, you should work for the paper with those skills in investigative journalism. I can really see Mick Channon or Clive Cox on a Saturday night with lines of charlie.. Bravo you...


      • skott

        18/10/2016 - 10:10

        did i say all???? no. U dont know nothing.i can name 5 trainers and about 50 pro jockeys so before u make comment find out what u are talking about. As for this scam it appears there is complicity between the fraudster and the victims.This fraudster must be good as he has got a couple of details and walked into bank up to 30 times to take money out without and pic id or proof and just asked for money,come on what crap. Not even a child would believe that