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Inspirational occasionwear at Bertie Golightly

In the ever-evolving landscape of fashion, it can be hard to pin-point exactly where to turn for inspirational occasionwear, especially with costs soaring, and a crowded online market to navigate.

But one such place, is Bertie Golightly, 4 Kingsbury Street, SN8 1HU.

Forty years ago, amidst the bustling streets of London, the original shop boldly pioneered the concept of pre-loved fashion, long before it became the trend we know and love today.

Bertie Golightly
Bertie Golightly

Now a staple in the town of Marlborough, the store offers a personal touch in picking out the perfect outfit to attend the most coveted events of the year.

The boutique shop boasts seemingly endless racks of quality attire, though nowadays there are more new and ‘as-new’ options to discover than the previous plethora of pre-owned.

“I was one of the first, when pre-owned was a dirty word,” said owner, Roberta (Bertie).

“Now my collection has evolved, I was more or less down to nothing when Covid hit, and now the world and his wife has started doing pre-owned!

“But I always had new mixed in with my old, so I just carried on with my new lines.

“What I specialise in is occasion clothes; everything from weddings, to racing, investitures I do a lot, and evening ballgowns which I have always been a specialist in.

“One customer said to me: ‘Bertie I don’t want to go anywhere else!’”

Whether you are seeking attire for a traditional wedding or an extravagant white-tie affair, Bertie’s own seasoned guidance ensures each customer finds precisely what they'll delight in wearing.

From friendly styling consultations to swift alterations, even catering to those just passing through the Wiltshire town, Bertie Golightly epitomises the essence of luxury with a welcoming touch.

The store, and Berties’s own ethos, reminds us that amidst the fast-paced world of fashion, there's enduring beauty in returning to one's origins, in classic, and sophisticated styling.

Bertie is always pleased to help and advise when required.

Call the shop today on 07860 234981, or email: bertie@bertiego.co.uk

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