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Investigation exposes NHS "Rich List"

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258 staff members earn more than £100,000 locally

AN investigation that claims to expose the NHS ‘Rich List’ has revealed that there are 258 members of staff who are paid more than £100,000 within the Berkshire Healthcare Foundation Trust and Royal Berkshire Hospital.

The TaxPayers’ Alliance, using Freedom of Information requests, analysed the pay of senior staff members within the NHS, including finance managers, consultants and GPs.

They found that despite the squeeze on public services facing the NHS, in 2013-14 there were at least 50,137 employees who earned more than £100,000 across the country.

Within the Berkshire Healthcare Trust, which is responsible for treating 900,000 people, including those at the West Berkshire Community Hospital, 64 staff members were paid more than £100,000.

Eleven of these were paid over £150,000 and two – the chief executive and deputy director of finance – were paid a combined total of £387,318.

In all, there were 33 general practitioners in Berkshire West paid over £100,000, and who earned a total of £4,537,076.

While there were no local figures for dentists, nationally 1,794 dentists earned a combined total of £255m, averaging £142,326 each.

According to the survey, in 2013/2014 there were 194 people earning more than £100,000 at the RBH, including six whose combined income totalled more than £1.2m.

Jonathan Isaby, chief executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance who compiled the figures, said: “No one begrudges paying doctors and nurses well for the tough jobs that they do, but it’s galling to see bosses at failing hospitals continuing to rake in the cash.

“It’s an insult to taxpayers, but it’s even worse for the patients who have suffered because of mismanagement, and worse.

“The rewards-for-failure culture is rife in the NHS and it must be stamped out as a matter of urgency.”

A spokesperson for the RBH Foundation Trust dismissed the statistics as outdated and said: “These figures used by the Taxpayers’ Alliance are taken from the Trust’s published 2013/14 annual report.

“Ed Donald (RBH chief executive) and Alistair Flowerdew (acting chief executive and RBH medical director) left this organisation in January and March 2014.

“The other people listed are in clinical roles with salaries set by the Government and Department of Health through their National Contract programme.”

Dr Cathy Winfield, accountable officer for Clinical Commissioning Groups in Berkshire West, said: “We believe the remuneration paid to senior clinical staff and governing body members at each of our key provider trusts is appropriate and proportionate.”

Of the high earners across the country, 37,034 were employees of NHS trusts and Clinical Commissioning Groups, 10,735 were GPs, 1,794 dentists, 534 employees of NHS quangos and 40 from ambulance trusts.

Eight employees were paid more than £500,000 for their work.

The highest-paid people in the NHS were five general dental practitioners who average £690,572 each.

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