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‘It was carnage’ – driver detained by Chilton Foliat villagers after smashing into cars en route from Hungerford to Lambourn

VILLAGERS made a citizens’ arrest on a driver who crashed into parked cars.

The incident happened around 9.15pm on Friday, October 27 on Stag Hill in Chilton Foliat.

Stag Hill incident
Stag Hill incident

One witness said: “It was utter carnage...there were parts of vehicles strewn all up the road.”

She added: “We had heard this almighty bang and ran outside.

“Others came out in their pyjamas because it was so loud.

“This car had smashed into our neighbours’ vehicle then carried on up the road before ploughing into another car, a Mercedes.”

The driver had ripped one of his own wheels off, but the witness said: “He carried on, just on three wheels, with sparks flying out behind him.

“We caught up with the car but the driver wasn’t in it.”

Others found the suspect nearby and detained the man until police arrived.

The witness added: “He said he had come from Hungerford and was headed home to Lambourn.”

Both parked cars that were struck – one of which is pictured – were reportedly written off.

A spokesman for Wiltshire Police said: “At around 9.30pm on Friday officers responded to a road traffic collision on Stag Hill, Chilton Foliat, after a vehicle collided with parked cars.

“The driver, a man in his 60s, suffered minor injuries.

“He has been reported to court for failing to provide (a specimen for analysis).”

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