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Let it mow, let it mow, let it mow

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Gadget enthusiasts and gardeners alike will enjoy all the features the Robomow has to offer

Whether you prefer to spend your time in the garden tending the borders, kicking a football with the kids or simply taking time out, it’s nice to have a lawn that looks its best.
And with Robomow’s new features it’s easier to achieve that flawless look.
The RX models now have more mowing options available, meaning they can be tailored to your lawn and your requirements.
So, whether you want to increase edge mown coverage or improve mowing efficiency, settings can be changed accordingly.
There are six other models and with a greater cutting capacity than ever and the ability to handle lawns up to 5,000msq, there is something for every garden.
Once installed, Robomow heads out and cuts the lawn for you, at regular intervals, returning to charge when needed.
With no grass box to empty and edging mode as standard on all models, it keeps your lawn looking neat with the minimum amount of effort.
Super-strong steel blades cut the grass cleanly and cutting little and often in this way encourages denser growth which is better able to resist weed growth.
Because it mows in a random pattern, it reduces wear on the ground and puts less stress on the lawn, keeping it healthy.
The powerful mulching system shreds clippings into miniscule pieces before spreading them at the roots of the lawn, where they return valuable water and the maximum amount of nutrients to the soil.
This, along with the absence of fuel and low noise levels also makes it particularly environmentally-friendly.
Perfect for anyone, from the time-poor who never have enough hours in the day to green-fingered gardeners who would rather be planting out seedlings than mowing the lawn, Robomow models start at £499.
And for those who love their gadgets, the comprehensive Bluetooth connecting app, which is available on most models, allows you to check battery life, alter settings, set your mowing schedule and even drive the mower around the garden via remote control.
The Robomow is available from selected dealers, including Baydon Mowers, Kalehurst and John Lewis.

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