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LIVE Newbury General Election results and reaction

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The votes have now been cast and all polling stations are closed for the Newbury parliamentary election.

Keep checking our live blog with updates and information and for your first source on all of the results to be announced in the early hours of this morning.

05.32 Richard Benyon wins Newbury seat with 34, 973

05.28 Its on, candidates gathered for the results

05.24 People have begun pacing aimlessly around the room as we wait to hear word

05.09 No news from Newbury but in North West Hampshire Kit Malthouse has taken the seat - see our North West Hampshire coverage for more.

05.00 Still no results but all candidates on their feet near the stage, a lot of excitement in the room, expecting news soon

04.41 Agents and candidates have been summoned to the entrance, it's all gone very quiet.

04.30 We asked Independent candidate Barrie Singleton if he was feeling confident about the - eventual - election result.

He answered: "No. I don't give a s**t about votes. I bought myself a platform for £500 and I am getting through to people."

04.06 72.3% turnout for this year's election in Newbury, down 2% on the 2010 election at 74.3%

03.54 Returning Officer Nick Carter told us the reason behind the delay.

He said: "The reason is that we have three elections underway so in some polling stations we have got three ballots going into the wrong boxes.

"The more elections you have at the same time the harder it gets I'm starting to realise."

He added that results should be announced sometime between 5am and 5.30am.

03.47 Returning Officer Nick Carter has just said that the count will commence "very shortly".

03.46 Best dressed at the count? We think so.

03.42 There is still no winner for Newbury but there is a beef sandwich.

3.05 West Berkshire Council candidate Virginia von Celsing said of fellow Conservative Richard Benyon: "I think Mr Benyon will do extremely well, as he has done in the last elections.

"He's a very popular man regardless of his politics and he's a wonderful representative for all of West Berkshire."

As for her party's chances in tomorrow's local election, Mrs von Celsing said: "I think they will definitely retain power due to all the hard work of councillors over the last five years. Whether they will gain further seats will be seen tomorrow."

2.59 Although all seats are far from declared, candidates Peter Norman and Paul Field have both labelled the national picture emerging of strong Conservative exit polls across the country as "depressing."

The Apolitical candidate said: "It looks like Richard Benyon will increase his majority on the back of a collapse in the Liberal Democrat vote. It's very disappointing."

The Green Party candidate said that there would be "savage, ideological cuts" to come as a result and added he, too, was "disappointed."

02.40 Liberal Democrat candidate Judith Bunting said that having been watching some of the results and exit polls already come in she is "worried sick."

She said: "I don't know whats going to happen. On the one hand people have been responding very positively on the street here and on the other hand with the national picture, of course we are worried."

She admitted that the West Berkshire Council would probably be Conservative led once votes are counted for local elections tomorrow and said that she would "absolutely" stand again for the Newbury seat if she is not elected tonight.

02.19 Conservative councillor Marcus Franks is feeling very buoyed by Conservative exit polls and is just as confident in the West Berkshire Council elections.

He said: "Locally, I'm very pleased, it looks like Richard [Benyon] will increase his majority this time."

He added: "It will be a Conservative West Berkshire Council tomorrow. I would bet a lot on that."

02.18 Judith Bunting has now arrived.

02.14 Have you seen this Liberal Democrat?

Judith Bunting still not made it to Newbury Racecourse for the election count.

2.08 The 120 counters are still verifying the count. Looks unlikely for a 2.30 declaration.

2.05 The sweets are out

01.53 Things are getting bleary-eyed for candidates awaiting their fate.

01.41 Still waiting for that elusive count. And Judith Bunting and Andrew Stott who are yet to turn up.

01.24 UKIP candidate Catherine Anderson is skeptical of the exit polls and believes that her party is going to get more than just two seats.

She said: "I have a little bit of nerves but I am feeling confident. I think we will do very well." She went on to say that if she wasn't to win the seat she would certainly stand again.

Asked how she plans to keep awake until the wee hours for the count she said: "We have a hip flask of gin, and a lot of coffee."

01.17 One of the last boxes is sliced open for the Newbury count

01.07 Conservative Richard Benyon downplayed the apparent surge in support from exit polls for the party and said that local factors were still all important.

He said: "It's such a close election. I don't know whether these exit polls are so near to the truth."

He said that the battle was not over, and he thinks that Labour would do very well here and that "it's going to be a bad night for the Liberal Democrats."

And his last meal before the big day? Spaghetti Bolognese. He added: "I have been living off a diet of Haribo, chocolate biscuits and crisps all day and I have to detox once this is all over."

00.45 Apolitical Democrat Peter Norman said on his predictions for the outcome: "It's very difficult to tell at the moment. When I went to cast my vote at 9 o'clock this morning I heard a lot of expressions of interest and support from people.

"I am feeling quite nervous now."

He added that if he wasn't to increase his vote share this time round it would be "dissapointing" for the party and that he was feeling "confident" of gains, particularly at the local elections which will be announced tomorrow.

00.30 Conservative candidate Richard Benyon and family arrives to the party all smiles.

00.23 A quick re-cap of the 2010 Election results for Newbury.

Conservative Richard Benyon won it with 33,057 votes - 56.4% of the vote.

Liberal Democrat David Rendel was second place with 20,809 votes - 35.5% share.

Labour candidate Hannah Cooper was third with 2,505 votes (4.3%), David Black came fourth with 1,475 votes (2.5%).

The Green Party polled fifth with Adrian Hollister grabbing 490 votes (0.8%), Independent Brian Burgess managed 158 votes (0.3%) and Apolitical candidate David Yates got 95 votes - with 0.2% share.

00.12 Award for best-dressed politician goes to Peter Norman of the Apolitical Democrats. Rocking the Taz-attire.

00.06 Conservative Gordon Lundie says he is feeling "very encouraged" by exit polls.

He said: "It's encouraging to see that the difficult choices we have made in five years of government haven't damaged the support for the Party across the country."

Confident words.

23.52 One beef sandwich - two hungry journalists. This might not end well.

23.39 Labour candidate Jonny Roberts said he was feeling "absolutely shattered" after not only a final push for votes in the run up to polling day but also after just coming off a full working week.

He said: "We have had a great group of volunteers and people came to us over the last few days and said they really wanted to help. Their support was overwhelming really."

His last supper before the big night? Pasta. Plain. "It was quick" he explained.

23.10 Paul Field of the Green Party tells us he is not expecting to win tonight but he is hoping for two seats nationally for the Party and that his campaign here "has been really positive."

He also revealed his secret to staying up through the long count tonight was "drinking lots of not-that-brilliant coffee" and added: "We have got some very special organic Swiss chocolate from one of our Swiss supporters which might be our secret weapon."

Top tip for staying up until 4am. Special organic Swiss chocolate.

22.41 "Your vote is important to us." Early mishap at count.

22.34 Paul Field and Jonny Roberts both here now.

Green Party candidate has already prepared his winning speech he says.

22.10 FirstBallot box arrives at Newbury Racecourse

22.04 Polling stations are now closed and we have arrived at Newbury Racecourse for the Parliamentary Election count.

Candidates standing are Richard Benyon (Conservative), Judith Bunting (Liberal Democrat), Jonny Roberts (Labour), Catherine Anderson (UKIP), Peter Norman (Apolitical), Paul Field (Green), Andrew Stott (Patriotic Socialist) and Barrie Singleton (Independent).

Results expected to come in before 4am

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