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Reading Crown Court: Judge locks up Newbury man who sexually tortured woman

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A man who forced a woman to swallow dog faeces during a shocking torture session has been locked up to protect the public.

A judge was so concerned about the risk to women posed by Carl Vasey that he revoked his bail, even though he has not yet been sentenced.

His Honour Paul Dugdale, presiding at Reading Crown Court on Friday, September 10, was visibly affected by injury photos of Vasey’s victim, remarking: “That’s worse than I was expecting.”

The court heard shocking details of the abuse.
The court heard shocking details of the abuse.

The court also heard how 24-year-old Vasey, of The Oaks, Newbury, had:

  • Forced his victim to stand still while he shot her with an air gun
  • Kicked her in the mouth, chipping a tooth
  • Whipped her for disobedience
  • Forced her to injure herself with tweezers
  • Sexually assaulted her with an implement
  • Broke her finger

In addition, the court heard, he would force the woman to have sex with strangers, then accuse her of being unfaithful.

He also forced her to pay for his cannabis, a penis pump and penis development cream.

Paul Fairley, prosecuting, outlined one shocking attack which culminated in the incident involving dog faeces.

He said: “He pushed her on to the ground and began kicking her repeatedly to the back, side, stomach and face. In the course of the kicks, one of [the victim’s] teeth was chipped and she later had trouble closing her mouth.

“When the kicking stopped, and [she] lay on the grass, there was some dog excrement near her head. Mr Vasey took control of her head and, in an act of utter degradation and further humiliation, rubbed her face backwards and forwards in it, causing some of it to enter her mouth.”

She later had to seek hospital treatment for a resulting eye infection, the court heard.

Vasey also attacked her by hurling a remote control at her, breaking her finger, and would use her for airgun target practice, said Mr Fairley.

He added: “He subjected her to... a campaign of violence and utter domination both physically and mentally... it was as though she was his prisoner.

“On one occasion when [she] had transgressed one of his rules, a violent assault followed by dragging her by the hair to a mirror, spitting on her and asking her ‘why would anyone want that?’”

Vasey would make the woman cut her legs after she had upset him as a way to “make it better” the court heard.

Mr Fairley said: “She had offered to burn herself as she had done before to calm him down but he told her that wouldn’t be good enough.”

During one extreme sexual torture session, the court heard, the woman said she felt she was suffering internal damage.

At a previous hearing Vasey was convicted of controlling or coercive behaviour, four counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and one count of assault by beating.

He had been due to be sentenced at Friday’s hearing but Judge Dugdale said he wanted to consider whether Vasey merited an extended sentence.

He said: “It’s difficult to imagine a case of this nature that’s more serious... this is really worrying behaviour.

“I want to consider very carefully a sentence that would protect the public.”

Judge Dugdale ordered further reports and added: “In my view there’s an ongoing risk and I don’t want him in the community. The facts I’ve heard are very, very troubling.”

Turning to Vasey he said: “Your behaviour was utterly horrific and I do not use that word often in court.

“Right now I do not think it is safe to have you on bail so I am revoking it.”

Vasey will be sentenced in October.

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