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Meet Lee McDougall - Labour candidate for the Newbury Town Council by-election

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Mr McDougall, a local engineer and campaigner, is running to represent Newbury Clay Hill

Labour candidate Lee McDougall wants to bring his "passion for fairness" to Newbury Town Council to help young people.

Mr McDougall moved to West Berkshire with his family from Liverpool when he was 11 years old.

He attended Turnpike School and went on to achieve a masters degree in business.

He works locally, and is married to Sue, a learning support tutor at Newbury College. They have three sons, the youngest currently attending Trinity School.

Mr McDougall has been active in the community for many years, and proudly carried the Olympic Torch through Newbury in 2012.

He has also relentlessly campaigned with Newbury Community Football Group over West Berkshire Council's closure of the football ground in Faraday Road and the London Road regeneration scheme, scrutinising the council's playing pitch strategy.

Mr McDougall is also a trustee of Newbury homeless charity Haven.

Newbury Labour said that he "brought his passion for social justice to everything he does" and wanted "to bring his commitment to improving the lives of the most disadvantaged young people" to the Clay Hill campaign.

Mr McDougall said: "I feel passionately about fairness for all and believe everyone should have opportunities in life, regardless of their background.

"More than ever, our young people risk being shut out of life chances, as society becomes increasingly unfair and skewed towards the few.

"Post-Covid we need to prioritise the wellbeing and recovery of those who will have given most, and lost most, during the past year."

Newbury Labour's campaign coordinators, Julie Wintrup and Mark Beach, said: "We're so pleased that Lee McDougall is standing in the Clay Hill by-election.

"He's an excellent candidate, a great campaigner, and exactly the person you want on your side.

"Lee brings a deep knowledge of the lives of those who aren't born with all the advantages, and he knows how to make positive changes with them, to work on their behalf, and to stand up to those who call the shots.

"We can't wait to see his campaign get underway."

Mr McDougall said that change was needed in local politics.

He added: "I've seen how council meetings work as a member of the public.

"Newbury Town Council has the scope to put the community at the heart of its focus.

"It doesn't feel that way with the district council, when we're scolded by Conservative councillors for being too involved locally, and asking too many questions.

"It feels at times more like a private club than public service.

"The same old parties have dominated local politics for too long. Croneyism and the old boys club are sadly all too evident locally, as well as nationally.

"To make a difference we need Labour representation, the party that places our public sector before private gain, values our children's lives and chances above political careers, and offers the country's only real opposition.

"I'm standing in Clay Hill to give a voice to the thousands of local voters who feel short-changed living in such a Tory stronghold."

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