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Newbury composer's St Pancras flash mob

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Newbury-based composer Fiona Bennett is currently advertising her album A Country Suite on Classic FM, the UK’s biggest classical radio station.
During a meeting with some of the Global Radio executives, it was suggested that she should create a flashmob situation, using one of the famous St Pancras Station pianos. Diaries were synchronised and on a chilly day in November, Fiona travelled to London, to meet up with a three-man camera crew, two creative directors and a team of 10 young professional dancers.
The YouTube film shows Fiona arriving at St Pancras by taxi, walking into the station, checking the train times and then, she spots the piano. Walking across the station, she lifts the lid and begins playing The Landscape – track 1 from the album.
A beautiful blonde girl accidentally drops her scarf on the ground, a young man picks it up, hands it back to her and they begin dancing the Viennese Waltz together. Passers-by stop and stare in amazement; they are used to people playing the piano while they wait for their trains but they have never seen anyone’s playing inspire random passengers to start dancing together.
Another young, good looking couple begins to waltz, then another and another, until there are five pairs of dancers twirling around the station. People are filming the event on their phones, taking photos, smiling in surprise at something they really hadn’t expected to see on their daily journey.
Fiona finishes playing, oblivious to what has taken place behind her, she closes the piano lid and walks off to catch her train.
Watch this unique event on YouTube ‘Fiona Bennett St Pancras flashmob’ http://youtu.be/JvJLK7ijTdU or go to www.fionabennettmusic.co.uk

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