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Newbury MP discusses gambling reforms with Lambourn trainers Nicky Henderson and Jamie Snowden

Newbury MP Laura Farris has been speaking with Lambourn trainers to discuss the future of the racing sector.

She said it was a pleasure sit down with Nicky Henderson and Jamie Snowden and talk about gambling reforms.

Newbury MP Laura Farris
Newbury MP Laura Farris

They discussed new affordability checks – which are being proposed by the Gambling Commission.

There will be a a Westminster Hall debate relating to financial risk checks for gambling later in the month.

But, as a minister, Mrs Farris will not be able to speak in the debate on February 26.

Instead, she will be raising concerns with minister for sport, gambling and civil society Stuart MP.

She said: “I couldn’t be prouder to represent the best racing trainers in the country.

“It was a pleasure to sit down with some of them on Friday in Lambourn to discuss how we can ensure affordability checks don’t damage racing.”

The MP spoke in the debate in October and raised concerns about the Government’s Gambling Act Review.

She said: “Whilst the general ambition to tackle problem gambling is laudable and I am aware of the catastrophic effect it can have on people’s lives, the evidence shows that it occurs with greatest frequency in casino-like contexts like poker or roulette, and the online slot machines.

“It is far less a feature of horseracing where the odds change all the time and for many people, it is a big day out once or twice a year.”

The Conservative MP added: “I know that the Government is aware of these industry concerns and has been clear that any checks should not overregulate the gambling sector.

“But it is vital that the voices of racing are heard as part of this exercise.

“I will continue to urge the Government to proceed with care and seriously consider whether affordability thresholds are appropriate for a sector like racing, which is not part of the problem these proposals are really seeking to address.”

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