Basingstoke & Deane council election results

Newbury Today will be bringing you results from the Basingstoke and Deane borough council elections today

Andy Murrill


Andy Murrill



Basingstoke & Deane council election results

The results are now all in for Basingstoke & Deane and the Conservatives have strengthened their control of the council. The council is now made up of Conservatives 33 (up three), Labour 15 (up one), Lib Dems nine (down two), Independents three (down one).

See below for all the results and how the afternoon developed:

11.20am: The vote counting started at 10am and results will come in until 4pm. There are 21 seats in total. The previous council was made up of: Conservative Party 30, 
Labour Party 14, Liberal Democrats 11, Independent 4, UKIP 1.

11.45am: First result in!

Burghclere, Highclere & St Mary Bourne result:

IZETT, John Richard Conservative Party candidate 2,665 ELECTED
MALONE, Pauleen Liberal Democrats 432
WICKREMERATNE, Romilla The Labour Party candidate 351
Electorate: 4,699 , Turnout: 3,464 (74%) , Spoiled votes: 16

Conservative Party hold

11.52am: Winklebury result:

SMITH, Joseph Brian Conservative Party candidate 1,404 ELECTED
WHELLER, Barnaby Daniel The Labour Party candidate 933
HEATH, Philip Andrew UKIP 549
BERWICK-GOODING, Michael Liberal Democrats 179
Electorate: 4,803 , Turnout: 3,078 (64%) , Spoiled votes: 13

Conservative Party hold

12.07pm: Tadley South result:

MUSSON, Robert John Conservative Party candidate 1,787 ELECTED
LOVEGROVE, Warwick Godfrey Liberal Democrats 674
RUSSELL, Scarlett Olivia The Labour Party candidate 454
Electorate: 4,496 , Turnout: 2,946 (66%) , Spoiled votes: 31

Conservative Party hold

12.10pm: Grove result:

HUSSEY, Ronald John Liberal Democrats 1,402 ELECTED
BATES, Penelope Jane Conservative Party candidate 900
STOCKWELL, Michael Alan David The Labour Party candidate 579
Electorate: 4,792 , Turnout: 3,364 (70%) , Spoiled votes: 15

Liberal Democrats hold

12.22pm: Basing result:

PINDER, Clive David Conservative Party candidate 2,921 ELECTED
VANBERGEN, Hazel Edith UKIP 754
MOUNTFORD, Andrew Douglas The Labour Party candidate 697
READ, Alan John Liberal Democrats 684
Electorate: 6,790 , Turnout: 5,082 (75%) , Spoiled votes: 26

Conservative Party hold

12.27pm: South Ham result:

WATTS, Gary John The Labour Party candidate 1,654 ELECTED
SANDERS, Rebecca Anne Conservative Party candidate 1,322
AZAM, Malik Kamail Pasha UKIP 818
WHITECHURCH, Stephen David Liberal Democrats 219
Electorate: 6,580 , Turnout: 4,035 (61%) , Spoiled votes: 22

Labour Party hold

12.36: Hatch Warren & Beggarwood result:

BEAN, Rebecca Louise Conservative Party candidate 2,971 ELECTED
ROGERS, Zoe-Marie The Labour Party candidate 749
TENNISON, Stanley John UKIP 493
WHITECHURCH, Richard Andrew Liberal Democrats 402
Electorate: 6,585 , Turnout: 4,637 (70%) , Spoiled votes: 22

Conservative Party hold

12.45pm: Norden result:

HOOD, George Cowie The Labour Party candidate 1,797 ELECTED
HOLDER, Jim Conservative Party candidate 940
STONE, Duncan Phillip UKIP 514
MOORE, Lynsey Anne Green Party candidate 194
JONES, Doris Liberal Democrats 183
BLAGDON, Mayola Evelien Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 41
Electorate: 6,259 , Turnout: 3,681 (59%) , Spoiled votes: 12

Labour Party hold

12.56pm: Chineham result:

BOWYER, Joyce Pamela Conservative Party candidate 2,409 ELECTED
BIERMANN, Martin Independent 2,331
POULTER, Stephen Martin UK Independence Party (UKIP) 581
Electorate: 7,690 , Turnout: 5,360 (70%) , Spoiled votes: 39

Conservative Party gain, Independent loss

Kempshott result:

BURGESS, Rita Jean Conservative Party candidate 2,669 ELECTED
MCCORMICK, Walter Bell The Labour Party candidate 672
WHITE, David John UKIP 517
HUSSEY, Madeline Liberal Democrats 319
RIVRON, Eric Green Party candidate 204
Electorate: 5,717 , Turnout: 4,394 (77%) , Spoiled votes: 13

Conservative Party hold

13.12pm: Eastrop result:

PARKER, Graham Stuart Liberal Democrats 911 ELECTED
SMITH, Ian Alexander Conservative Party candidate 780
STOKES, Jonathan The Labour Party candidate 502
STONE, Alan Harvey UKIP 282
MATTHEWSON, Richard Michael Green Party candidate 178
Electorate: 4,268 , Turnout: 2,666 (62%) , Spoiled votes: 13

Liberal Democrats hold

13.28pm: Oakley & North Waltham result:

GOLDING, Robert David Conservative Party candidate 2,595 ELECTED
PIERCE, Julie Katherine The Labour Party candidate 552
JOHNSON, Peter Leslie UKIP 472
COOPER, Robert Charles Liberal Democrats 378
CRAWTE, Paul Mitchell Green Party candidate 169
Electorate: 5,482 , Turnout: 4,182 (76%) , Spoiled votes: 16

Conservative Party hold

Upton Grey & The Candovers result:

RUFFELL, Mark Beresford Conservative Party candidate 1565 ELECTED
JAMES, Alice Ivy The Labour Party candidate 217
Electorate: 2331 , Turnout: 1803 (77%) , Spoiled votes: 21

Conservative Party hold

13.47: Baughurst & Tadley North result:

TATE, Robert Maurice Conservative Party candidate 1,671 ELECTED
CURTIS, Christopher Irvin Liberal Democrat Focus Team 1,112
PORTER, George Whitley The Labour Party candidate 278
Electorate: 4,449 , Turnout: 3,088 (69%) , Spoiled votes: 27

Conservative Party hold

14.03: Bramley & Sherfield result:

ROBINSON, Nicholas Alan Conservative Party candidate 1,889 ELECTED
ANSELL, Bruce Andrew Independent 943
SIMPSON, Alan Stretton UKIP 302
Electorate: 4,344 , Turnout: 3,172 (73%) , Spoiled votes: 38

Conservative Party hold

14.12pm: Pamber & Silchester result:

TUCKER, Marilyn Jane Conservative Party candidate 1,910 ELECTED
MASSEY, Lydia The Labour Party candidate 430
SIMPSON, Janice Ann UKIP 402
Electorate: 3,640 , Turnout: 2,758 (76%) , Spoiled votes: 16

Conservative Party hold

14.16pm: Tadley Central result:

RICHARDS, Richard Jonathan Conservative Party candidate 628 ELECTED
SLIMIN, Josephine Barbara Liberal Democrats 386
WEST, Stephen Michael Independent 361
MCCANN, Peter The Labour Party candidate 93
Electorate: 2,099 , Turnout: 1,477 (70%) , Spoiled votes: 9

Conservative Party gain, UKIP loss

14.19pm: Rooksdown result:

BOUND, Simon Edward Conservative Party candidate 1,130 ELECTED
O'LOUGHLIN, Daniel Patrick The Labour Party candidate 419
HAMILTON, Lucinda Braidwood UKIP 188
NWASIKE, Obiefuna Timothy Liberal Democrats 78
Electorate: 2,936 , Turnout: 1,817 (62%) , Spoiled votes: 2

Conservative Party hold

14.37: Overton, Laverstoke & Steventon result:

PHILLIMORE, Colin John William The Labour Party candidate 1,042 ELECTED
JONES, Marion Elizabeth Katherine Conservative Party candidate 1,013
SLOANE WILLIAMS, Lucyna Zuzanna Liberal Democrats 636
GRIFFITHS, Kirsten Green Party candidate 204
Electorate: 3,945 , Turnout: 2,908 (74%) , Spoiled votes: 13

Labour Party gain, Liberal Democrats loss

14.38pm: Brighton Hill North result:

GOLDING, Hannah Elizabeth Conservative Party candidate 974 ELECTED
WESTBROOK, Janet Elizabeth The Labour Party candidate 792
BLACKMORE-SQUIRES, Roger Edwin Liberal Democrats 254
WINTER, Richard Simon Green Party candidate 141
Electorate: 4,171 , Turnout: 2,663 (64%) , Spoiled votes: 11

Conservative Party gain, Liberal Democrats loss

Kingsclere result:

SHERLOCK, Donald James Nugent Conservative Party candidate 2,000 ELECTED
RODWAY, John Bernal The Labour Party candidate 524
WARD, Roger Thorpe Liberal Democrats 359
Electorate: 3958 , Turnout: 2906 (73%) , Spoiled votes: 23

Conservative Party hold

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