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How will EU vote affect disabled people in West Berks?

Georgia Collins looks at the potential impact of the referendum on June 23

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Georgia Collins


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How will EU vote affect disabled people in West Berks?

It's clear that the one topic that is on everyone's lips is whether the UK will vote to stay in or leave the European Union on June 23.

With only a few weeks to go, however, I am still feeling a little politically frazzled, and I have not made a definitive decision as to what I will vote.

There have been many informative talks around the area, with one featuring comedian Eddie Izzard, who visited Reading University with his Stand Up For Europe tour.

Eddie was joined by Conservative politician Daniel Hannan for the show, but, whilst this gives an insight on the potential affects of leaving or staying in the EU, it focuses on the national view, forgetting that people want to understand how any decision will affect them personally.

As I am still undecided on how to cast my vote, I did some research of my own, looking in to how leaving would affect disabled and vulnerable people in West Berkshire.

There is a lot of uncertainty around how our economy would cope with Brexit from the EU.

If the UK’s economic infrastructure took a turn for the worse, would there be more cuts to the welfare system, thus putting a bigger strain on ever decreasing disability benefits?

Unfortunately, while there has been lots of propaganda on loosening our ties with the EU, or how we are Better Together, there isn’t anything about the section of society it could be said to hit the hardest if we leave.

Currently there is a European framework in place that protects disabled people, including our ability to challenge the Government's directives by calling on the European Convention Of Human Rights.

If the UK vote to Brexit then we no longer have an obligation to adhere the to the European Convention on Human Rights, which was responsible for helping to challenge the bedroom tax cases.

The instability of our economy and a potential rush to break from the European Convention on Human Rights may not happen, but there are too many unknowns.

Whatever you decide is the best way to cast your vote in the European referendum, just remember that having your say is important.

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