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Travellers' site set up near Newbury retail park

Twenty caravans pitched on grassland

Chris Ord


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Travellers' site set up near Newbury retail park

A COMMUNITY of travellers have set up camp near to a Newbury retail park.

Around 20 caravans have been pitched on a small piece of grassland in Equine Way near to Newbury Retail Park, just off Pinchington Lane.

Thames Valley Police have said they are unable to move the travellers on as it is up to the landowner to obtain an eviction notice.

The travellers' site is believed to have been set up just within the last few days.

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Article comments

  • Racegoer

    25/08/2016 - 15:03

    Travellers pay no national or local taxes. Their sites are often left strewn with rubbish. Change the law so the council or police can remove them or impound their vehicles and vans without delay.


  • skott

    23/08/2016 - 12:12

    wow that really looks like 20 caravans,there is about 8 up there. and all u people who are blatantly stereotyping towards travellers need ur head checked. these people have a right to a life and if u cant handle a few travellers then u are pathetic.they wont be there for long so shut up,there are far more criminals in greenham how come u aint complaining against them.its cause ur ,selfish and communistic.and waggy i bet they are cleaner than your whole family. keep on stero typing your a disgrace to the human race.


    • Bbabs

      23/08/2016 - 15:03

      Wow maybe have them on your doorstep then, you weren't there so how do you know how many caravans were there, just by part of a photo!!! 'and waggy i bet they are cleaner than your whole family. keep on stero typing your a disgrace to the human race.' Not stereo typing much!!! Very hypercritical.


  • spikey


    23/08/2016 - 10:10

    surprise that bit of land as not been built on. during saturday afternoon there was armed police buying there lunch in costa, and police officer parked in the car park near pizza hut, they were keeping a eye on the stores in the retail park.


  • Waggy33

    22/08/2016 - 08:08

    I would like to thank for helping us to move on the UNWANTED so called Travellers. 1. The 2 directors of the estate who have been working very hard day and night to move the great unwashed off our sight. 2. Mr G Puffett of Greenham parish council for attending our estate to help reassure the residents. Also taking the time to go and talk to TVP on our behalf. No author councillors attended our site from Newbury council (shame on you.) 3. TVP 101 service have also been a great help to us helping to keep us all calm. 4. TVP a Newbury inspector for finally moving them on at 5pm Sunday after much persuasion. THIS HAS BEEN A NIGHTMARE. Maybe Newbury council/ West Berks could offer to help us clean up the mess?


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