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Man beaten and has dog stolen in Newbury

Victim was ordered to hand over his dog before being assaulted

Chris Ord


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A 49-year-old man was left injured after he was attacked by three men who then stole his dog.

The shocking incident occurred on Saturday, May 6 as he walked his Bichon Frise dog along Hambridge Road between 10.10pm and 10.15pm.

According to police the victim noticed three men approaching him before one of them demanded that he hand over his dog.

When he refused, he was assaulted.

He then fell to the floor where he was assaulted again before the offenders left the scene with his dog.

The man sustained injuries to his face but did not attend hospital.

Thames Valley Police are appealing for witnesses.

All three offenders were white males.

The first offender was around 5'8" tall with ginger hair and aged in his mid-30s.

The second offender was described as being 5'5" tall with short hair, aged between 20 and 30.

The only description of the third offender was of a bald male.

Designated Investigator Tracy Cole, based at Newbury police station, said: "This was a very distressing incident in which the victim's dog was stolen from him.

 "We are appealing for information to locate those responsible for this incident, and also to be able to return the dog to the victim.

 "If anyone witnessed this incident, or has any information relating to it, please contact the Thames Valley Police non-emergency number on 101."

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Article comments

  • Louise Harriet C

    Louise Harriet C

    12/05/2017 - 22:10

    Bote for someone who won't cut police and encourages more to be employed therefore more will be visible. Its unfair to claim they just don't take the job seriously and go after free food from local businesses. Not seen police chilling in a coffee shop in Newbury !


  • Bertie

    12/05/2017 - 09:09

    If police spent little more time patroling and lot less time in cafes and anywhere they can get free food, or evn in thier rest room maybe the crime rate would drop considerably, how many times can you find a copper when you want one, yes some are good, but most are not worth anything like what they are paid, Im over 70, and can recall a time when coppers actually investigated crime, not like today where if they do not get public help they give up, until something else happens that gives them the required information to continue the case


    • Boyce

      13/05/2017 - 08:08

      Perhaps if you've got evidence that officers are accepting gratuities and neglecting their duty, you should make an official complaint, Bertie. Except you won't, because you're spouting drivel. Policing does, and always has, relied on the support and assistance of the public to investigate crime. The "required information" you refer to is commonly called "evidence" - perhaps the halcyon days you refer to are when information was fabricated. The more likely reason you don't see any police around, if you put down your copy of the Daily Mail and do some research, is that officer numbers are declining steadily, and population is increasing exponentially. You may even find that there is possibly a cause for this, and you have an opportunity to register your views on the matter on June 8th.


    • Bombey

      12/05/2017 - 10:10

      'how many times can you find a copper when you want one'? I think you have answered your own question - in a cafe apparently...


  • TractorMan

    11/05/2017 - 20:08

    What a bunch of useless back and fronts! Hope they pick on someone with a couple of Dobermans or Rottweilers next time. Will be no loss to the human race if they were savaged.


  • Bombey

    11/05/2017 - 09:09

    Koreans - that Bichon is BBQ


    • Angrytoad

      11/05/2017 - 19:07

      You're a cretin


      • Bombey

        12/05/2017 - 10:10

        go toad go!!


    • NewburyDenizen

      11/05/2017 - 16:04

      "The first offender was around 5'8" tall with ginger hair and aged in his mid-30s." not the normal phenotype for a Korean..


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