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Loss of two more shops from Newbury town centre

Homeware store blames lack of business

Andy Murrill

Fiona Tomas


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Loss of two more shops from Newbury town centre

THE Izzy homeware store in the Kennet Shopping centre will be closing its doors next month.

The shop, which describes itself as having ‘everything for the perfect home’, opened in December and has been trading for four months following its relocation from Finchley, North West London.

The store’s owner, Vimal Kapoor, cited lack of business as the reason to shut up shop and said he was planning to move the operation back to Finchley.

The shop will officially close on Tuesday, May 15.

Until then, shoppers can take advantage of a clearance sale, with all store items half-price.

The closure of the store comes as independent sports retailer Wilds Sports also ceased trading recently.

It is not yet known why the family-run business on Bartholomew Street, which first opened in Newbury in 2002, before moving to a new premises in the street five years later, has closed.

Its Winchester store will remain open.

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Article comments

  • NewburyLad

    27/04/2018 - 17:05

    What a load of drivelling cr4p from DVB below. When I was in Newbury last week it was packed. Like it is most weekends. We do not have to put up with such negativity from a left-wing nobody whose sole purpose on here is to spread fear, doom and gloom and spew out leftard propaganda on every article. Get off your ass, drag yourself away from the computer and get out and support your town (if you are actually from here and not living in Islington).


    • Ihavenonickname

      30/04/2018 - 20:08

      Take off those rose coloured spectacles, open your eyes and have a good long look around our town. A market which is literally on its knees, a shopping centre which can no longer command the footfall to sustain its traders, beggars sitting in doorways of closed or closing down retail units and then there is the Parkway Development full of expensive National Chain shops! The town is split in two!


  • NewburyResident

    27/04/2018 - 17:05

    WBC's vision for Newbury seems to be that of a Blind man. Still few restaurants at the Cinema site, closures of shops at the KC since the new centre opened, Milliions lost on Parkway to get the affordabale accomodation that should have been included by the deveoper, £4m of land given away to the developer resulting in an even less connected public transport system, more hairbrained schemes to delay traffic through Newbury even more. PLEASE MAKE MORE REDUNDANCIES IN MARKET STREET AND GET RID OF THESE CLOWNS.


  • boris

    27/04/2018 - 13:01

    No surprise as most people refuse to pay for outrageous parking charges so shop online or out of town or a shopping centre with a roof ie Basingstoke or Reading