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Villagers dig their own defences against travellers

Frustrated Theale residents act following 'fear and intimidation'

John Herring

John Herring


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Villagers dig their own defences against travellers

VILLAGERS in Theale who have said that they feel under siege from travellers have taken matters into their own hands to prevent “intimidating” groups from returning. 

Around 30 villagers took up their spades to dig this ditch on Monday night, following what they have labelled a lack of action from West Berkshire Council and Thames Valley Police.  

Residents said that a “general atmosphere of fear and intimidation” had been growing in the village since the first group of travellers moved on to land off Woodfield Way in recent weeks. 

Thames Valley Police officers were called on Monday morning following reports of an affray involving a large group of people in Woodfield Way.

Spokesman Jack Abell said: "An investigation is ongoing. No arrests have yet been made and no one was seriously injured.

"The people involved in the affray have since left the area."

The groups in Theale are among 22 unauthorised encampments across West Berkshire since May 3, including Newbury's Stroud Green and Thatcham's Bradley-Moore Square. 

Meanwhile, West Berkshire Council and Thames Valley Police have said they are doing all they can to tackle the issue.

A public meeting for residents to question the council and police has been called at 7.30pm tonight (Thursday) in Theale Village Hall.

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Article comments

  • newburygirl71

    07/06/2018 - 20:08

    Can’t see what a meeting in the village hall is going to achieve but will be interesting to see if the elusive Councillor Macro turns up in Theale for once!


  • jterrier

    07/06/2018 - 13:01

    Alternatively take a long view, at a government level, and dont just keep moving these people on. They aren't simply going to disappear magically. The rubbish that gets dumped is in direct relation to the amount of waste disposal facilities available (i.e none, because you can't very well tow a wheelie bin around with you) and the standard of living conditions.


  • Louise


    07/06/2018 - 10:10

    Countrywide these despicables intimidate /pollute/ disregard local tax paying communities. The disgusting detritus they always leave then has to be cleared away at taxpayer expense. The problem is getting worse, and the so called travellers more emboldened until TVP & MP's tackle this minority more robustly. Strangely in Eire where many emanate from, the law is far more rigorous in tackling their anti social behaviour.


    • NewburyLad

      07/06/2018 - 10:10

      And the stricter laws in Eire is exactly why they are here. It is about time Ireland took back their own problem.