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Call to change A339 speed limit through Newbury

“I think the whole road needs to be properly safety assessed"

Dan Cooper

Dan Cooper


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Call to change A339 speed limit through Newbury

COUNCILLORS want to reduce the speed limit on the stretch of the A339 from The Swan roundabout to the Newbury Retail Park roundabout from 50mph to 40mph.

Tony Vickers (Lib Dem, Wash Common) made the suggestion at a town council planning and highways meeting on Monday evening after being contacted by concerned residents.

Andy Moore (Lib Dem, West Fields) suggested going one step further and expanding the 40mph zone from The Swan roundabout right down to the Burger King roundabout to prevent people going from a 50mph, into a 40mph, then back into a 50mph again.

He told councillors: “It would at least send a sort of consistent message.”

Councillor Phil Barnett (Lib Dem, Clay Hill) told members: “The big issue I see is the acceleration from The Swan roundabout going uphill.”

He added: “There should be a restriction, there’s no doubt about it.

“I think the road safety issue is two lanes going very fast right next to each other.

“I came out of the recycling centre this afternoon and had a job to get out of there because everything comes up that road so fast.

“I think the whole road needs to be properly safety assessed.”

Councillor Nigel Foot (Lib Dem, West Fields) expressed concerns about emissions from vehicles travelling fast along the road, saying: “In my mind there is not just a road safety aspect, but also an environmental one.”

Speaking after the meeting, Roger Hunneman (Lib Dem, Wash Common) agreed with Mr Barnett’s comments, saying: “I think lowering the speed limit on the A339 is very much in order.

“It is very difficult to get out of the household waste recycling plant.

“It is also a very narrow road in terms of the way it is configured.”

Town councillors voted in favour of highlighting the concerns to West Berkshire Council and asking them to introduce the 40mph limit.

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