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EXCLUSIVE: Newbury MP Richard Benyon announces he won't stand for re-election

"It has been the greatest privilege for me to be elected four times"

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Dan Cooper


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EXCLUSIVE: Newbury MP Richard Benyon announces he won't stand for re-election

NEWBURY'S Conservative MP Richard Benyon has confirmed he won't be standing for re-election.

Mr Benyon, who was first elected in 2005, had the party whip removed after voting against the Government last week.

He joined 328 MPs, 21 of them Conservative, to allow MPs to take control of parliamentary business, the first step towards delaying a no-deal Brexit. 

He said it had been "the greatest privilege for me to be elected four times as MP for this constituency".

In an open letter to the West Berkshire Conservatives, he said: "I am writing to you as chair of West Berkshire Conservatives to let you know about a decision I have made.

"As you know I was fully aware of the implications of voting the way I did last week and was not surprised when the whip was removed following the vote on Tuesday evening.

"I recognise that I cannot stand as a Conservative candidate unless the whip is restored. That said, I have received many calls from colleagues saying that there are plans emerging for a “path back” for the so-called rebels.

"I have been giving much thought to how that could be achieved but feel now that I should let you know my clear intentions. I do not seek to be the candidate at the forthcoming election whenever it is called.

"There are a number of reasons for my decision. I have been active in West Berkshire politics for around 30 years and I have been wondering what my intentions would be if this Parliament ran to its conclusion in 2022.

"I have to be absolutely certain I want to fight an election and give 100 per cent commitment to the arduous job of being a Member of Parliament for another five years.

"As you know it is not something to be undertaken half-heartedly. Whilst recent events have brought this into focus it is actually over a wider timescale that I have been thinking about my future.

"With an election looming I don’t think it is fair to the Association to continue the uncertainty about my being eligible to stand, let alone my willingness.

"I intend to continue to give the role of being the Newbury constituency’s MP my full focus right up until the election is called.

"It is a job I have loved and am proud of what my Parliamentary team, the local Conservative Party and the wonderful group of Councillors in West Berkshire have been able to achieve.

"For me West Berkshire Conservatives and its wide ranging membership are the Conservative Party at its best.

"Without shouting it from the rooftops, over the recent decades we have improved the lives of vulnerable people and supported businesses and the communities we love.

"With the great local leadership that exists in the party and on West Berkshire Council I know that this will continue in the future.

"I hope the association will move forward and be further strengthened by the selection of a good candidate to follow me and I look forward to being able to give him or her my fullest support.

"It has been the greatest privilege for me to be elected four times as MP for this constituency.

"I hope my successor is able to appreciate how lucky they are to represent an area of great opportunity filled with some of the most decent and kind people you could meet anywhere.

"I am happy for this to be shared with the officers of the Association tomorrow morning as I want to inform all my family before making a public statement. Thank you for your support and understanding."

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Article comments

  • Newbn00b

    10/09/2019 - 20:17

    I'm still trying to figure out what his reasoning was for voting against the whip, when before he was 100% behind it since the referendum result and recently backed Boris, and is good mates with Gove. Maybe he was promised a ministerial role and was let down recently?/


  • newburywolf

    09/09/2019 - 19:49

    You were elected to deliver Brexit and failed. I think it is self explanatory when a member of a Brexit mandated government has Remainers queuing up to thank you. All you have achieved is creating the ridiculous situation where the opposition are now making laws the government don't agree with, and can't stop.


  • NoisyNortherner

    09/09/2019 - 10:17

    With CCHQ currently being run by a more right-wing faction than in past years, no doubt the slate of candidates that the local Tories get to choose from will have pledged allegiance to Alexander before being put forward. I disagreed with Dicky a lot, but he always responded when I contacted him, and it was enlightening to hear his reasons for voting the way he did in person in Market Square last week. Come next election, whenever it is, I'd be curious to know how much of his majority was down to him as an MP versus down to the party next to his name.


  • brunin the bear

    09/09/2019 - 09:59

    Oh No, That's " don't vote Benyon" out of a job! Good news though.


    • NewburyLad

      09/09/2019 - 18:33

      I wouldn't worry, the idiot will just latch onto the next Tory, somewhere. It's all these megamouthed Leftard activists do.


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