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Council staff anger following Get Ready for Brexit request

Staff asked to amend their email signatures

Local Democracy Reporter Alex Seabrook

Council staff anger following Get Ready for Brexit request

STAFF at West Berkshire Council have been told to sign off all emails saying ‘Get Ready for Brexit’, which some have complained about. 

Staff received an email on Tuesday instructing them to make the changes. 

One council staff member, who asked not be named, said: “The council’s code of conduct for staff says I can be disciplined for so much as liking a post on social media deemed to endorse a political view.

“Now they are essentially asking me to be an ambassador for Brexit, possibly the most politically divisive issue of a generation. Not only that, but there have been no briefings to staff on how Brexit could affect the council or the district.”

A spokesman from Unison’s West Berkshire branch said: “It seems extraordinary that local government workers are being co-opted into propagating a highly political message on behalf of the Conservative government, just months after a huge swathe were restricted from expressing any political opinion in print.

“The authority needs to decide if it wants staff to act as mindless apparatchiks, or human beings.” 

Martin Dunscombe, WBC spokesman, said: “Staff have been asked to include some information in their signature as part of the national ‘Get Ready for Brexit’ campaign.

“This public information campaign seeks to ensure residents and businesses have taken any steps necessary to prepare for the UK’s exit from the EU. 

“It’s important to us a local authority that our communities have the information they need to make Brexit as smooth as possible for them. The information staff are asked to include signposts people to relevant and up-to-date information which is available at”

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Article comments

  • NewburyLad

    04/10/2019 - 07:50

    Oh get over yourselves you pathetic losers. You are simply being asked to put a disclaimer on the bottom of your emails. I bet if it was an EU directive, similar to the way websites are now forced to pop up a message about cookies, you wouldn't hesitate to comply. Left wingers like the Lib Undems and the Labour party are just constantly trying to drag this country back to the stone age with your non-stop childish actions.


  • Newbn00b

    03/10/2019 - 18:51

    Yeah I don't see how this is supporting Brexit, just being ready for the possibility of it. In terms of how the council is ready or Brexit impact, if they're anything like the company I work for they will have planned for several scenarios, but that sort of strategic planning won't have been shared with everyone.


  • louise

    03/10/2019 - 18:46

    It's not propaganda, but sensible advice for businesses who perhaps are Remainer oriented, about making preparations for Nov 1st freedom day.


    • grumbert

      03/10/2019 - 21:30

      Freedom day? You mean wreck the economy day as the UK unilaterally tears up all trade agreements and becomes the only country in the world without a single trade deal. Sounds like you swallowed the leave propaganda about sovereignty hook, line and sinker


  • Grumpy

    03/10/2019 - 12:14

    What is a apparatchiks ?? I've never heard such nonsense and made up words !!


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