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Two crashes on A339 in rush-hour

Accidents near police station and on Robin Hood roundabout

Andy Murrill

Andy Murrill


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Two crashes on A339 in rush-hour

The car being removed from the Sainsbury's roundabout

THERE have been two crashes on the A339 in Newbury town centre this morning.

A car left the road near the police station before 8am and another crashed into the barrier on the Robin Hood roundabout near the fire station. 

Traffic appears to be at its normal slow pace into town towards the Sainsbury's roundabout.

The car was cleared from the police station at 8.30am.

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Article comments

  • Just An Opinion

    11/10/2019 - 16:04

    Sick and bloody tired of getting stuck in queues up to as late as 7 at night coming into Newbury from Oxfordshire that clear as soon as Robin Hood and Sainsburys "Free for alls" sorry "roundabouts" are negotiated. It really is making life a misery, adding to an already stressful and busy day and it won't be long until a really tragic incident occurs due to someone pushing their luck to far, when jumping a red light, switching lanes with no signal, blocking junctions, or pulling out in front of someone hoping they'll slow down in time! An absolute disgrace and downright dangerous!


  • Boristtheblade

    11/10/2019 - 15:03

    Maybe the contractors are trying to justify their 1. Point something million pound cost still every time you pass roadworks either the workmen are sitting in the van cab or on the phone


  • Grumpy

    11/10/2019 - 14:02

    Its about time they sorted that Sainsburys roundabout out, its downright dangerous, with some junctions having lights, and others not. Why is it taking so long to put the new lights in ?