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BID loyalty card plan to attract shoppers

A shopping man could also be introduced

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BID loyalty card plan to attract shoppers

A LOYALTY card could be introduced in Newbury to incentivise people to come into the town centre.

Newbury BID is hoping to deliver the initiative in 2020.

Chief executive Laurie-Jane Cann said: “The loyalty card was something mentioned in the business plan for this term of the BID, and hopefully it’s a really good way of making sure that we continue to grow the local economy.

“We don’t want the loyalty card to be something that is just available to businesses, we’d like it to be available to the public as well.

“Basingstoke have a wonderful loyalty card which really does get the public coming in and utilising the rewards and benefits that that scheme delivers, so watch this space.”

The Basingstoke loyalty card – which was a 2018 Basingstoke BID initiative to attract people to the town – offers a host of promotions and discounts at retail shops, restaurants and cafés, entertainment venues, health and beauty shops and even solicitors firms.

It costs £2 for members of the general public, while the card is free for any workers at BID businesses in the town centre.

Alongside the loyalty card scheme, Newbury BID is planning to create a shopping map to make people aware of all the independent shops in the town centre.

Ms Cann said: “We think there’s a lack of highlighting the wonderful local businesses we have in the town centre and we feel that’s something that would work very well.

“If there’s anything that will bring people back to the town centre time and again it is our independents.

“We’d like something bespoke to Newbury – on the one side we’d have the town centre and on the other side a list of all our independents as a trail, because I don’t think people realise just how many there are.”

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Article comments

  • NewburyResident

    20/11/2019 - 10:28

    So no plans to reduce parking charges to attract people in. Just sell them a card at £2 and give the same free to yourselves and probably those at WBC who make so many of the bad decisions.


  • crowthorney

    18/11/2019 - 11:36

    here's a wild thought...... want to attract shoppers into the town centre? Make it easy for us to get in! Parking prices are silly, with the council 'forcing' private car parks to adhere. Moreover, trying to get anywhere around town during the day is pointless. It took 10 months to close a road and open a new exit, its taking 5 weeks to install a sewer - and then they close the market place and high street whenever they feel! You wonder why Basingstoke is popular? There are decent shops there (take note NTC) and secondly, IT'S EASY TO GET TO AND PARK THERE!. I live North of Newbury, but would rather spend my money is basingstoke or reading than deal with the mess that is Newbury town centre. Yet again, crusty old Councillors think they know best for the town.... without any regard for those of us who want to get around it and spend money there!


    • NoisyNortherner

      18/11/2019 - 15:10

      I don't know where you park in Basingstoke, but Festival Place is an object lesson in how not to design a multi-storey. Newbury has other problems in addition to parking being a bit of a pain though. For example, whoever agreed to the siting of Aldi where it currently is without any additional parking wants sacking. Weekends see it as a constant source of congestion, right on the way to the main shopping area. Not really a brilliant impression for anyone visiting, not to mention people who actually live here.