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Local councillor standing as 'paper candidate' in Wirral

'I’m on the candidates’ list to get some experience, really'

John Garvey

John Garvey


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Local councillor standing as 'paper candidate' in Wirral

DISTRICT councillor Claire Rowles (Con, Hungerford and Kintbury) is standing for Merseyside.

Mrs Rowles, who was elected to West Berkshire Council this year, is the Conservative’s parliamentary candidate for Birkenhead, a town in the Metropolitan Borough of Wirral.

One Hungerford resident, Paul Bishop of Cherry Grove, said: “I was astounded to learn of this.

“She was selling herself in May as a local candidate and I voted for her – but now she’s telling Birkenhead constituents she’s the best person to represent them in Parliament.

“So she’ll be spending time campaigning 200 miles away instead of looking after her constituents here. It beggars belief.”

Mrs Rowles, who lives in Boxford and who chairs the West Berkshire Conservative Association, said when standing for the Hungerford and Kintbury ward in May: “I’m a truly local candidate, having grown up around Kintbury and Hungerford, and now live and work in Boxford, which falls within the new ward under the boundary changes.

“ I am therefore aware of the local issues.”

She said regarding her Birkenhead candidacy: “To be honest, it’s almost like being a paper candidate.

“I’m up against Frank Field [former Labour MP and current Social Justice candidate] and Labour.

“There’s such a massive Labour majority.

“But I want to help out in marginal seats.

“I’ve been helping out in Reading East, for example, because I want to get Boris Johnson elected.

“I’m on the candidates’ list to get some experience, really.”

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Article comments

  • From Luddite Lodge

    02/12/2019 - 22:26

    Well has she been parachuted into the LRIE committee so that the truth gets suppressed ? Time will tell, but I ain't holding my breath, lets have the police investigating this debacle and not Conservatives investigating Conservatives


  • louise

    02/12/2019 - 12:20

    As Chair of West Berkshire Conservative Association, she should be ashamed for the duplicated letter sent to all voters in constituency. Omits fact that she is a remainer, and will likely revert to type if elected. Zero mention of local issues, unlike other candidates, and a reference that she obtained my name & address from Tory Central Office. However, the candidate herself doesn't feel the need to tell us her address.