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Ben Holden-Crowther: Vote for me

Newbury's independent candidate appeals to voters

Jonathan Ashby

Jonathan Ashby


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"I am offering to voters a new and different perspective on how to tackle local and national concerns"

My name is Ben Holden-Crowther and I am Newbury’s Independent Candidate in the General Election.

I previously managed an international book publishing business but am currently working for a Norwegian technology firm. I have a four-month-old daughter and want to ensure that her interests and those of all young people in the area are protected and furthered.

At 19, I am the youngest candidate in this election by a considerable margin and don't deny that I therefore lack a certain degree of life experience in comparison with the other candidates! What I am offering to voters in Newbury is a new and different perspective on how to tackle local and national concerns. I am also a voice for the young people in our community who are rarely advocated for within both local and national debates.

There are two main areas which drove me to stand in this general election. The first is the failure of constituency MPs to honestly represent their constituents in parliament. I feel that political parties are an enormous obstacle to positive and constructive change in this country and this is why I have made a political statement by standing as an independent candidate.

The second issue which concerns me is the environment. I feel we have a duty to protect the natural world which is suffering tremendously as a result of our actions. I do not want an end to productivity, and I feel capitalism has been overall a force for increasing the quality of life around the world. I do believe however that there are things governments can do now to avoid tremendous human suffering in the future resulting from their negligence in relation to greenhouse gas emissions.

I hope to attract the support in this election of both young people who would like an advocate in parliament and also of those people who are tired of adversarial party politics, particularly when it results in the crises such as the one concerning the European Union that we are currently facing. I would greatly appreciate your vote but feel that whoever wins this election, we can all work to make Newbury a better place.

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