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'The environment is just as important as Brexit'

Green candidate Steve Masters on his campaign

John Herring

John Herring


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'The environment is just as important as Brexit'

GREEN Party candidate Steve Masters has said that the General Election should focus more on the climate crisis and less on Brexit.  

Mr Masters said that Brexit was unlikely to be resolved after the vote on December 12 and that the climate emergency had struck a chord with voters. 

He said: “This has to be a climate election. The environment is right up there.

“The narrative is about Brexit. People are sick of it and want to get on with it, but accept there are other challenges. 

“People have really woken up to the environmental aspects.

“Environmental issues are as important if not more important than Brexit. 

“I don’t think we will resolve the Brexit question unless the Tories get a huge majority, but even then it will open up 10 years of negotiations.”

The Green Party has pledged £100bn investment a year in the Green New Deal to tackle the climate emergency.

Mr Masters said that the amount was justified to tackle the crisis, saying that there was money to save banks from collapsing, but not the planet. 

He said: “We are on it and being honest about the scale of the problem that needs to be tackled.

“It’s a crisis and it will cost us far more when the proverbial hits the fan in 10 to 15 years time. 

“It’s a threat that’s going to be cheaper to fix now through a proper Green New Deal rather than wait and fix it afterwards.” 

The manifesto includes investing in social justice with an additional investment in Universal Basic Income and asking employers to explore a four-day working week.

The party will support Remain, but with no Remain Alliance in Newbury Mr Masters said that the Liberal Democrats appeared to be undermining his campaign by talking about tactical voting. 

However, he said: “For every person telling us we need to vote tactically we have got five telling us we should be standing. The reception has been fantastic.

“It’s been incredibly positive really.

“I’m realistic I might not be the MP at the end of this, but I guarantee I will be the first Green MP for Newbury, whenever that may be. 

“I do think that the Green vote is practically unknown at the moment. 

“I’m quite upbeat on the whole.

“I would not be honest if I didn’t have moments of despair, but that’s more about my imposter syndrome.”

If elected, Mr Masters said he would push “for restoration of the funding from central government for the local authority so we can maintain and restore services that have been cut to make sure we look after the vulnerable”.  

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