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LIVE: General Election 2019 blog

Results and reaction as it happens from Newbury, North Hampshire and Wokingham

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Dan Cooper


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LIVE: General Election 2019 blog

The votes have now been cast, all polling stations are closed and in a few hours, we'll know who will become Newbury's next MP. 

The Newbury Weekly News team of reporters and photographers will be working through the night to bring you all the reaction on the local and national results on our blog below and on our social media channels. 

We've got reporters at the count in Newbury as well as Wokingham and North West Hampshire.

Keep checking our live blog below for updates throughout the night.

The general election results are expected to be announced in the early hours of Friday morning.


The results so far are: Conservative 363 (+47), Labour 203 (-59), SNP 48 (+13), Lib Dem 11 (-1), DUP 8 (-2), Other 15 (+2). 648 of 650 constituencies declared.

The Conservatives held Devizes (which includes Ramsbury, Marlborough and Pewsey), where Claire Perry had been the MP until this election. The results were Danny Kruger (Con) 32,150, Jo Waltham (Lib Dem) 8,157, Rachael Schneider (Lab) 7,838, Emma Dawnay (Green) 2,809.


Thirteen seats to declare and latest projection is a Conservative majority of 78. The Conservatives currently have 341 seats, up 45, while Labour have 201, down 57. The Lib Dems have nine, down one, and the Greens have one. The SNP have gained 13 seats, taking them to 46 seats. 


Former Conservative West Berkshire and Newbury Town councillor James Fredrickson has failed to become the MP for Oxford West and Abingdon despite receiving 22,397 votes. He lost out to Layla Moran, who is being tipped as the next leader of the Lib Dems. She secured 31,340 votes - a majority of 8,943.


Checking in with Birkenhead, where Hungerford councillor Claire Rowles stood as a "paper candidate". She won 5,540 votes compared to Labour's 24,990 and the Birkenhead Social Justice Party's 7,285. 


Newbury's new MP tweets

And returning Reading West MP Alok Sharma said


The Conservatives have a won a majority, passing the 326 threshold required. 


West Berkshire has stayed Conservative with Newbury, Reading West and Wokingham all declaring. Laura Farris replaces Richard Benyon as the Tory MP, while Alok Sharma and Sir John Redwood hold Reading West and Wokingham. A

Across the border Kit Malthouse holds North West Hampshire.


Latest forecast predicts Conservatives 368, Labour 199, Lib Dem 13, Green 1, Brexit Party 0, SNP 52, Plaid 4, others 19. 

If you're just checking in Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson lost her seat to the SNP by 149 votes. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said he will not lead the party into the next election. 


Alok Sharma has held Reading West with a majority of 4,117.


Kit Malthouse keeps his seat in North West Hampshire.


Laura Farris tells us she's "overwhelmed" by her victory. 

She added: "I feel so enormously proud. It is going to take a while to sink in I think."


Sir John Redwood keeps his Wokingham seat


Full break down of numbers: Lib Dem candidate Lee Dillon 18,384, Laura Farris 34,431, Ben Holden-Crowther (Ind) 325, Steve Masters (Green) 2,454, James Wilder (Lab) 4,404. 

Number of rejected ballots was 190. 

If our early maths is correct Mrs Farris won 57 per cent of the vote with a majority of 16,047.


BREAKING Conservative candidate Laura Farris has been elected as Newbury's new MP with 34,431 votes. 


Newbury's Conservative candidate Laura Farris said she was still out campaigning until late last night because she "couldn't bear the thought of losing her Dad's seat without saying I really tried".

Mrs Farris' father, Michael McNair-Wilson was Newbury MP from 1974 to 1992.

She added: "I think this is the end of the hard left project for the Labour Party. It is clear that this is a rejection of Jeremy Corbyn."


Green candidate in North West Hampshire speaks to our reporter 


An update from Wokingham


The turnout in North West Hampshire was 71.24 per cent, down from the 72.4 per cent two years ago.

Turnout for Wokingham 


Conservative candidate Laura Farris has arrived at the count.


Winner of the Thatcham Central by-election Richard Crumly (Con) said he was delighted to be elected back on the council. Mr Crumly lost his seat on West Berkshire Council and Thatcham Town Council in May. 

"It was a short time off. I'm delighted to be back on the council and look forward to serving the electors and rate payers of Thatcham once again."

Mr Crumly said he had benefited from the local election being held on the same day as the national election. 

He thanked his wife, councillor Ellen Crumly for organising his campaign and for keeping him going when spirits were flagging.



The result is in for the Thatcham Town Council by-election and the Conservatives have taken the seat which was previously held by the Lib Dems. Former Thatcham deputy mayor Richard Crumly, who lost his seat in May, has been elected with 1,729 votes.

Lib Dem candidate Iain Cottingham won 1,398 votes, Gary Johnson for UKIP 114 and Alex Keegan (Lab) 409.


Our reporter Jonathan Ashby is updating us from the North West Hampshire count in Andover.



Kit Malthouse has arrived at the North Hampshire count.


The turnout has been announced for Newbury as 72 per cent, 60,187 people voted out of an electorate of 83,414.


Verification has finished. Counters are taking a half hour break and then the counting will begin. 


Labour hold Middlesbrough


Over to Wokingham, where our reporter Charlie Masters has spoken to Conservative candidate Sir John Redwood, who appears optimistic about the Conservatives' chances in the seat.

Sir John - a veteran of the Thatcher and Major cabinets - insists that he does not "do forecasts," but said he was "delighted" with the exit poll.

He said: "I hope that it's right. But it is only a poll. 

"It implies that the public want a government that can govern, which was our main message.

"We've had several years of dither and delay, because we had a Parliament that went to war with the view of the British people. 

"We need a Parliament that can govern."


Labour hold Newcastle Upon Tyne East and Sunderland Central


Labour hold Newcastle Upon Tyne Central.


Reporter Jonathan Ashby is at the count for the North West Hampshire constituency. The result there is expected sometime between 3am and 4am.


Three seats declared across the country so far - two have gone to Labour and one to the Conservatives.


Speaking on the exit poll Lib Dem candidate Lee Dillon tells us: "First of all, it's a poll and worth seeing how many of those particular seats are within marginals and it could down to local issues. What's quite clear is that the Conservatives will have a healthy majority and that means they have to deliver on the promises that they have made. 

"I will be making sure that we continue to fight that we don't have a hard Brexit if he continues to be Prime Minister and that exit poll is correct."

When asked what would be a local success for the Lib Dems Mr Dillon said: "I think reducing the Conservative majority is progress. " 


Our reporter Charlie Masters is at Loddon Valley Leisure Centre, where he'll be bringing you all results and reaction from the Wokingham constituency.

Conservative candidate Sir John Redwood has arrived, but no sign of Dr Phillip Lee just yet. Still, early days ...


Agent for Liberal Demcorat candidate Lee Dillon, Erik Pattenden, said of the exit poll: "We will wait and see. If it's true I would be disappointed with that result because I don't think it's in the country's best interest. I know it's not in Newbury's best interests, but it's not over until the very last constituency has returned the result." 


Labour candidate James Wilder tells us: "Clearly I'm disappointed with the exit poll, however locally I'm still expecting a great result. We have run a a very energetic campaign, one of the best Labour have ever done in Newbury and I'm hopeful for great result here in Newbury. Ten thousand votes would be a good result but we will see." 



Newbury's Green Party candidate Steve Masters has arrived. He's told us that he's been "very encouraged" by the reception he's had in the north, east, south and west of the district.

He said: "I've had strangers coming up to me and telling me they've voted for me, which is really nice."

Speaking about the exit poll, he said: "The national picture doesn't look good at all. It's very disappointing."


Talking about the exit poll, and projections of Conservative majority, Conservative agent Dominic Boeck told us: "If the final result reflects that exit poll then this is transformational. This will be seen to be a transformational election. This if going to give the Prime Minister a mandate to get Brexit done, as he has been promising.

"Locally the early indication is the result is reflecting the national picture, but we can't rely on that later on." 



We've got reporters John Herring and Dan Cooper, along with unsung snapper Phil Cannings here at Newbury. We're trying to get some reaction to the exit poll but everyone is caught up in the verification process at the moment. Updates when we can get them. 

Verification is underway here at Newbury Racecourse. The exit polls are suggesting a Conservative majority and Labour losses.

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