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No serious injuries after tree hits bus

Passengers walk away unscathed after incident during last night's storms

Sarah Bosley


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No serious injuries after tree hits bus

More than 20 people, many of them young college students, escaped serious injury when a tree fell onto the roof of the bus they were travelling in.

The incident happened on The Whitway, in Highclere, at around 5pm last night, as heavy rain battered the area.

The Stagecoach South bus was hit by the falling tree but luckily the driver and all 20 passengers on board walked away unhurt.

Fire crews from Whitchurch and officers from Hampshire Roads Policing attended the scene and everyone on board was given shelter in The Carnarvon Arms while they were checked over by paramedics.

General Manager at the pub, Ruthie Bowers, said they offered shelter to a number of young students who were on their way home from Winchester College to Newbury when the bus was hit.

“They were all a bit shaken up, so we took them in and gave them somewhere quiet to sit and a drink, while they all called their family and friends,” she added.

“The top passenger side of the bus was taken out and there were some girls sat in the second row who were showered in glass.

“They all got lifts home from here and they were just all a bit shocked but there were no cuts or injuries.”

The bus was recovered by around 11pm last night.

Thanks to the Whitchurch fire crews for permission to use this photograph.

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Article comments

  • CommonHungerforder

    15/01/2020 - 13:08

    "The incident happened on The Whitway, in Highclere, at around 5pm last night, as heavy rain battered the area." Factually, just over 1mm per hour, so where do you get, 'heavy rain and battering from'? In comparison, July 2007 was seeing 25mm/hr. No trees hitting buses. And you could argue wind, but it was windier the day before. Or just make it sound more exciting, because guessing adds to the story.


    • BrknMan

      16/01/2020 - 09:34

      As the father of the girl in the second row of the top deck I find your post insulting and belittling to something that could've been much, much more serious. The wind on the night and the previous day had clearly caused a very large branch to fall lower, with the rain and lack of street lights the driver did not see this until it was too late to avoid. Technically the bus hit a tree branch, but there is no doubt that this was a result of the weather and visibility. Having a branch hit the front of the bus only a couple of feet from where she was sitting and being showered in glass was a very scary and traumatic experience, the lad behind her ended up headbutting her seat and has a few bumps as a result. Had one of the students been sat in the front row there is no doubt they would've been very seriously injured and we would be doing more than playing pedantry with the weather.


      • NoisyNortherner

        16/01/2020 - 10:12

        Don't feed the trolls. It only encourages them.